Hot line number
+7-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones).
+7-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow).
The call is free of charge from all regions of Russia.
Hot line number
+7-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones).
+7-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow).
The call is free of charge from all regions of Russia.

From 30 to August 1 there are some timetable changes for the train services running along the Sheremetyevo routes. Some routes have been cancelled. For more details, please visit the Timetable section on our website or contact the hotline at +7 800 700 3377.


Odintsovo – Sheremetyevo Airport

How often do Aeroexpress trains run between Odintsovo and Sheremetyevo Airport?

As previously, Aeroexpress trains between Sheremetyevo and Odintsovo run every 30 minutes. Therefore, trains stop at each station along the route twice an hour, at a 30-minute interval. The detailed timetable is available on the Aeroexpress website and via the mobile app (Timetable section). Enquiries can also be directed to company attendants at the terminals and to the hotline at +7 800 700 3377 (for calls from Russia’s regions and mobile phones) or +7 495 663 8410 (for calls from Moscow). All calls made from within Russia are free.

What interim stops do Aeroexpress trains make while serving the route between Odintsovo and Sheremetyevo Airport?

Aeroexpress trains running between Odintsovo and Belorussky Rail Terminal call at the following interim stops: Odintsovo, Bakovka, Skolkovo Innovation Centre, Nemchinovka, Setun, Rabochy Posyolok, Kuntsevskaya, Fili, Testovskaya, Begovaya, Belorussky Rail Terminal, Savyolovsky Rail Terminal, Okruzhnaya and Sheremetyevo Airport. Passengers may choose the most convenient station both to board the train heading to Sheremetyevo Airport and alight the train on the way from the airport.

How long does a trip from each station to the airport take?

When planning your journey, we kindly recommend taking a look at the Aeroexpress timetable available at the company’s official website or mobile app (the Timetable section) on the desired date of travel. There, you can also obtain information on train arrival and departure times at the station of interest and learn about how long it takes to reach the airport from each particular station.

How much are Aeroexpress tickets for this route?

Standard fare ticket costs 399 roubles while booking online. When buying at ticket offices, from mobile ticket sales clerks or paying at the turnstiles, the cost of the ticket is 400 roubles.

Where do I purchase Aeroexpress tickets for this route?

Aeroexpress tickets to travel to/from the airport regardless of the boarding/alighting station along the route between Odintsovo and Sheremetyevo Airport are available as follows:

- via the company’s website and mobile app;

- from Aeroexpress ticket offices;

- from CSPC ticket offices located at the stops along the route;

- via contactless payments made at the CSPC turnstiles installed at all stations along the route and the Aeroexpress turnstiles located at Sheremetyevo Airport, using bank cards and Troika e-wallet.

Please note that contactless bank cards cannot be temporarily used to pay for travel at the turnstiles on the route from Sheremetyevo airport to Okruzhnaya, Savyolovsky Rail Terminal, Begovaya, Testovskaya, Fili, Kuntsevskaya, Rabochy Posyolok, Setun, Nemchinovka, Skolkovo Innovation Centre, Bakovka, Odintsovo.

How do I pass through the turnstiles at the stations?

To pass through the turnstiles at the stations of the Odintsovo – Sheremetyevo Airport route, passengers travelling to/from the airport shall place their Aeroexpress ticket (hardcopy or electronic), bank card or Troika card onto turnstiles bearing a special sign (the Aeroexpress logo). When paying for a ride to/from the airport at the turnstiles with Troika card, the total amount withdrawn will equal the standard Aeroexpress fare of 400 roubles.

Can I pay for an Aeroexpress trip with my Troika card at the turnstile?

It is possible to pay for trips using Troika e-wallets at any station. To do so, passengers need to check if their Troika card balance is sufficient. After that, they need to place it onto the turnstile at the entrance to any station and then at Sheremetyevo Airport. The total amount withdrawn will equal the Aeroexpress standard fare of 400 roubles. When travelling from the airport, travellers should follow the same algorithm and place their Troika card onto the turnstile twice.

Where can I find the timetable for the Sheremetyevo Airport – Odintsovo route?

All timetable updates are available on the Aeroexpress website and via the mobile app (the Timetable section). Enquiries can also be directed to company attendants at the terminals and to the hotline at +7 800 700 3377 (for calls from Russia’s regions and mobile phones) or +7 495 663 8410 (for calls from Moscow). All calls made from within Russia are free.

Is it true that I can travel by Aeroexpress trains along the railway section between Odintsovo and Okruzhnaya at the MCD fares?

Yes, passengers may travel by Aeroexpress vehicles between Odintsovo and Okruzhnaya at the MCD fares (provided that they do not go to the airport). In this case, travellers need to purchase a CSPC ticket or pay for a ride with the Troika e-wallet (42 roubles when travelling within the Central zone and 50 roubles for the Suburban zone).

What do I do if I lose my Aeroexpress ticket?

If you travel beyond the Okruzhnaya station in the direction of Odintsovo and have lost your Aeroexpress ticket, you will need to purchase a ticket from the CSPC ticket offices in order to pass through the turnstiles at the fares and under the terms and conditions established by CSPC.

How do I obtain a free ticket to travel to the airport?

To travel to Sheremetyevo Airport, people being eligible for social services funded by the federal and regional governments need to have their ticket issued up to the Belorussky Rail Terminal station from ticket offices located at the stations along the route, in accordance with the MCD fares and terms and conditions. Upon arriving at Sheremetyevo Airport, they should address Aeroexpress employees at the turnstiles so that they issue a free Aeroexpress ticket.

Express buses from Moscow to the Northern Terminal Complex of Sheremetyevo airport.

What is the route of the express buses?

The buses run from the Khovrino metro station to Sheremetyevo airport, Terminal B and C.

How much do tickets at the Express-bus fare cost?

Ticket costs 199 roubles when booking online. The price of the ticket is 200 roubles when buying from the driver or mobile ticket sales clerks.

Is the Round-trip fare available on the route?

The route fare is unified. If a round-trip ticket is required, a passenger can purchase two single tickets at the Express-bus fare.

Where do I buy bus tickets?

Bus tickets are available via the company’s website and mobile app. You can also purchase tickets from the driver using cash or bank card when you board the bus.

What is the frequency of service and operation hours for the express buses?

Express buses depart every 15 minutes. Hours of operation: from the Khovrino metro station – 6:20 am – 10 pm, from Terminal B Sheremetyevo Airport – 7:00 am – 10:40 pm.

Are there any interim stops along the route?

The express buses run on the route by not making stops on the way.

How long does the trip take?

Travel time is nearly 20 minutes.

Are group fares available on the route?

Group fares do not apply to the route.

Can I pay for the bus trip with the Troika transport card?

No, this payment option is not currently provided, but its integration is being developed.

Are multi-trip tickets available on the route?

Yes, a 15-ride pass is available for travel. Validity period - 45 days. The cost is 1500 roubles.

Can I return an unused ticket?

Single tickets purchased at the Express-bus fare that remain unused are not refundable.

Special features offered for children travelling on the route

Children under 7 years old travel free on the express buses, provided that they do not occupy an individual seat.

Please note that proof of child’s age may be requested by the driver to access a free transportation option (birth certificate or a parent’s passport including a birth record of the child).

Are there travel benefits on the route?

There are no benefits for passengers on this route.

Where to find the express bus stops?

If you travel from the Khovrino metro station, find the bus stop next to Entrance #2 of the metro station. If you travel from Sheremetyevo airport, Terminal B or C, find the bus stop to the left of the terminal exit. The bus stops are fitted with red stands that have electronic screens displaying the real-time information for bus arrivals.

Does the route have a number? What do express buses look like?

The route number is 1195. The express buses are red with a logo, in accordance with the Aeroexpress corporate style. The route and travel time are specified on them.


Is it possible to receive a refund on a railcard with unused journeys?

The railcard with unused journeys may be returned at any Aeroexpress ticket office located at the company’s terminal at Kievsky Rail Terminal.

The refund shall be paid within ten (10) days of the date the application for refund has been submitted by the passenger.

Please kindly note that you can only receive a refund if the railcard is still valid.

Who keeps an unused railcard — a carrier or a passenger?

In all cases when the refund is paid for unused or partially unused travel documents, all documents and receipts for various fees (originals) are to be retained by the carrier and serve as the basis for the refund.

How is the amount of a refund calculated on a railcard with unused journeys?

The refund amount shall be determined by dividing the cost of the railcard by the number of days the railcard remains valid or else by the number of journeys and multiplying by the actual number of days remaining until the railcard expires, counting from the date it is returned, or else the number of unused journeys. If a railcard is returned before it becomes valid (or before using it for travelling), it is subject to a full refund.


How do I use a promo code when buying a ticket?

To use the promo code and get a discount when buying a ticket, you need to be signed in to your account at or in the Aeroexpress app. After logging on, type your promo code into the text field that will pop up in the ticket purchase menu.

Can I return an unused regular ticket or e-ticket?

Aeroexpress, as a suburban carrier, conducts passenger transportation in accordance with the Regulations of Rail Carriage for Passengers and Cargo, Baggage, and Cargo Luggage, Transported for Personal, Family and Other Needs Not of a Business Character, approved by Order No. 111, issued by the Government of the Russian Federation on 2 March 2005 (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations of Carriage).

Pursuant to Paragraph 15 of the Regulations of Carriage, the passenger shall be entitled to compensation equal to 100% of the journey only in case of an unplanned interruption in train services for more than 60 minutes in the order prescribed by the regulations of carriage for passengers, baggage, and cargo luggage. In all other cases, there shall be no refund for unused tickets for a single journey on a commuter train (including Aeroexpress trains).

How can I change my e-ticket parameters?

Changing the parameters of the e-ticket is possible only for “Business” fare tickets 30 minutes prior to the departure time specified on the ticket. Changes to the e-ticket can be made at the user’s account on the Aeroexpress website (provided that the passenger got registered/signed in before booking the ticket). In case you have not registered/signed in on the Aeroexpress website, you can still change your ticket parameters by calling the hotline at +7 800 700 3377 (for calls from Russia’s regions and mobile phones) or at +7 495 663 8410 (for calls from Moscow).

Is it possible to purchase Aeroexpress tickets online?

Tickets for Aeroexpress trains are available online at and via the Aeroexpress mobile app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

How do I use my e-ticket?

If you purchased an e-ticket, open the e-mail or use the link sent to your mobile phone to view your ticket. You have to print out the ticket you received by e-mail.

To walk through the turnstile with the ticket you downloaded on your mobile phone, touch your phone face down to the reader on the turnstile, the scanner will read the QR code on your ticket and the gate will open.

The link provided does not open. What should I do?

In the event of such a problem, check the Internet connection on your device (mobile phone, tablet PC). Some browsers have a security certificate, which must be accepted before opening a new page, after which the page should be available for use. In case of difficulties, please contact the hotline at +7 800 700 3377 (for calls from Russia’s regions and mobile phones) or at +7 495 663 8410 (for calls from Moscow) or send a request to the support service using the feedback form.

What software can I use to open my ticket?

You can use any software to open a ticket purchased online or via the Aeroexpress mobile app. The boarding pass should be printed out directly from your browser. It is recommended that you do not change the default print settings.

If you purchase the ticket via the Aeroexpress mobile app, printing the ticket is not necessary. The ticket is stored in the app’s My Tickets section. To walk through the turnstile at the airports, touch your phone or tablet screen to the reader and scan the QR code on your ticket.

When opening the link/printing out the itinerary receipt, the barcode is displayed partially or missing.

When opening the link, check your Internet connection.

If you purchase the ticket via the Aeroexpress mobile app, printing the ticket is not necessary. To walk through the turnstile at the airports, touch your phone or tablet screen to the reader and scan the QR code on your ticket.

Fares and services

Can I purchase an Aeroexpress ticket in advance? Is there any need to do so? Will there be vacant seats?

It is possible to buy a single one-way Aeroexpress ticket from the ticket office (ticket offices open 15 minutes before the first service and work during the day until the last service) 1 to 15 days prior to the date of departure. Inform the ticket sales clerk of your planned date of travel, and the ticket will be issued with the required date on it.

Aeroexpress e-tickets can be purchased online and via the mobile app in advance as far as 90 days prior to the planned journey.

Seats numbering is not offered on the trains, therefore we kindly recommend that our passengers arrive at the Aeroexpress terminals 10–15 minutes prior to the departure and plan the time for their journey wisely.

Tickets purchased in advance are not subject to any refund or reissuance.

How can I pay the fare at the turnstile?

To pay the fare and pass through the turnstile, you need to have an international MasterCard, Mir, Union Pay and/or Visa card that supports the PayPass, QuickPass or PayWave contactless payment solutions. To pay your fare, you only have to place your MasterCard PayPass, Union Pay QuickPass, Visa PayWave or Mir contactless card onto the reader located on the turnstile at the airport. The amount equal to the cost of a single journey will be automatically deducted (according to the fare cost). The service is only available for standard class journeys.

If you pay for your journey at the turnstile but do not walk through within three seconds after payment, the service is to be considered complete and no refund shall be paid.

If a travel document confirming Aeroexpress services is required, we kindly recommend purchasing tickets from the Aeroexpress ticket offices or ticket vending machines. In this case, a standard hard-copy ticket will be provided.

In case you use the contactless payment service and require a confirming document, you should come up to the ticket office in person, present your bank card and ID document. You can also touch on your bank card at the validator located on the platforms at Domodedovo, Vnukovo, and Sheremetyevo airports and receive an audit coupon.

For how long does the Round-Trip ticket remain valid?

The Round-trip ticket purchased from a ticket office or ticket vending machine is valid on any route for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. One condition applies: one trip is to be made from the rail terminal to the airport and the other journey - from the airport to the rail terminal.

Children on board Aeroexpress trains

Children aged five and under travel by Aeroexpress for free on condition they do not occupy an individual seat.

The child’s fare is valid for children aged five to seven. The child’s age is determined as of the date the journey. If a child turns seven on the date of travel, the child’s fare is applicable. Children aged 7 and older travel at a standard adult fare.

A child’s ticket can only be purchased from the Aeroexpress ticket office with a child being present and upon providing the proof of age.

A child’s ticket is valid as of the date specified on it. It can only be purchased on the day of travel.

What shall I do if I am late for the train service specified on my business class ticket?

Business class tickets entitle passengers to travel in a deluxe carriage with a seating assignment. Business class tickets are valid on the exact date, time, and route specified on them.

If you cannot travel by the train service specified in your business class ticket, you can use your ticket to travel in a standard class carriage for the entire day shown on your ticket.

Are there any discounted Aeroexpress tickets available?

Passengers eligible to social benefits funded by the federal and regional government may receive a one-time single or round-trip free travel ticket. The complete set of required documents for issuing the ticket is to be provided to the ticket sales clerk.

Расписание и маршруты Аэроэкспресса

If I plan to travel on the train departing at 00:00, which date should I select?

If you plan to travel on a train running at 00:00 and/or 00:30, you can use tickets purchased for either the previous day or that same day.

Which airports do Aeroexpress trains travel to?

Aeroexpress trains run to all major Moscow airports, including Vnukovo AirportDomodedovo Airport and Sheremetyevo Airport

Where can I find the timetable for Aeroexpress trains?

To always be kept up to date on the valid timetable, download the Aeroexpress app. You can also find the Aeroexpress timetable on the company’s website at (including its mobile version) or contact the hotline at +7 800 700 3377 (for calls from Russia’s regions and mobile phones) or +7 495 663 8410 (for calls from Moscow). All calls made from within Russia are free.

Which terminal do Aeroexpress trains running to Sheremetyevo Airport arrive at?

Trains running to Sheremetyevo Airport arrive at the platform of the Aeroexpress railway terminal. Passenger terminals E, D, and F at Sheremetyevo can be accessed through a pedestrian gallery situated on Levels 3 and 2 of the Aeroexpress terminal. A free underground shuttle service operates between passenger terminals B and C of Sheremetyevo Airport.

Lost & Found

Have you got a lost property office? What are the opening hours?

Aeroexpress has its Lost & Found office. It stores items lost by travellers along all three routes the company operates. Passengers can claim their property three days a week. Opening hours:

Monday 13:00 to 17:00
Wednesday 13:00 to 17:00
Thursday 13:00 to 17:00

To obtain information about lost property, passengers can call our hotline at +7 800 700 3377 (calls from Russia’s regions and mobile phones) or +7 495 663 8410 (calls from Moscow).

Please call our hotline the day before you intend to visit the Lost & Found office.

What shall I do if I leave my property on the train?

If you have left something on a train you should contact Aeroexpress hotline, a shift specialist at the terminal or our info desk and submit a claim to return your property. After your claim is accepted by a corresponding department (usually within five days of the date you contact our company), a reply will be sent to you according to the provided contact details. Lost property is returned to its owners on receipt, upon presentation of identity documents and after giving personal data processing consent in writing.

On the day when forgotten items are to be returned, passengers should address our specialist at the Aeroexpress information desk at the Belorussky Rail Terminal who will provide all necessary documents to fill in, assist in completing them (if required), and give passengers the map showing how to get to the Lost & Found office from the terminal.

At the depot, passengers should approach a security guard who will call a Lost & Found specialist.

For more information about your lost property, you can also contact Aeroexpress via the company’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

What happens if lost property is found on the train?

If someone loses their property aboard the train, an Aeroexpress specialist informs the Joint Dispatching Centre and a security guard. After that, a shift specialist working at the terminal draws up a description file where they also indicate when and where the item was found. JDC’ specialists, in their turn, make a record in the Lost & Found register. Lost items are stored by a shift specialist for 48 hours. After that, if their owner does not claim them, they are transferred to the lost property office at the Aeroexpress depot at the Belorussky Rail Terminal. Every item stored at the Lost & Found office is assigned with a registration number and tagged with a label showing the place it was found, the date it was received by the lost property office and its description file number.

In what condition is lost property stored by your company?

Lost items are stored in a special dry facility, packed in plastic bags and boxes. Items found on the same day are put in one bag and marked with a label to make the search easier. Unclaimed items are stored by the lost property office for six (6) months and after that can be disposed of.

Interim Stop at Domodedovo Town

Will all Aeroexpress trains make a stop at the town of Domodedovo?

Trains operating at rush hours will make this stop. Aeroexpress trains en route to the airport will call at the town of Domodedovo at 17:05, 17:35, 18:05, 18:35, 19:05, 19:35 and 20:05. Train services running from the airport will make this stop at 8:43, 9:13, 9:43, 11:13, 11:43, 12:13, 12:43, 13:43, 14:43, 15:13 and 21:13.

Next year, we plan to add this stop to the route for most trains.

The current timetable is available here.

Has travel time between the Paveletsky Rail Terminal and Domodedovo Airport changed due to the introduction of this interim stop?

No, travel time has remained unchanged at 45 minutes.

How many minutes does it take to reach the airport from the Domodedovo station?

Travel time is 13 minutes.

Are there any timetable changes due to putting the stop at Domodedovo into operation?

No, the timetable has remained unchanged.

How much are Aeroexpress tickets?

For passengers heading to Moscow from the town of Domodedovo, the company offers a special fare of 300 roubles. For trips to the airport, standard Aeroexpress fares are in effect. Read more about the fares.

Is it possible to purchase Aeroexpress tickets at the Domodedovo town station?

Yes, Aeroexpress tickets are available right at the Domodedovo station. For passengers’ convenience, there are ticket vending machines. Tickets are also available from the company’s website and mobile app.

Turnstiles at the platform have also been upgraded so they can read Aeroexpress tickets. Passengers should keep their tickets regardless of their destination.

Is it possible to get a free ticket for travel by Aeroexpress from the Domodedovo station?

Please note that free tickets for people eligible for social services funded by the federal and regional governments are not available for issuance at the Domodedovo station.

Such passengers planning their trip with boarding/alighting at the Domodedovo station can take an alternative route using the JSCo CSPC train services.