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Dear passengers, we would like to inform you that due to engineering work being carried out on the Moscow Railroad, the timetable for Aeroexpress trains will be amended for periods Oktober 29-30, Oktober 30-31, Oktober 29 – November 1, and November 1-2.

Trains departing from Belorussky Rail Terminal to Sheremetyevo Airport at 23:00 and at 00:00 CANCELLED..

Trains departing from Sheremetyevo Airport to Belorussky Rail Terminal at 23:00 and at 00:00 CANCELLED..

From Moscow (Belorussky Rail Terminal) to Sheremetyevo Airport From Sheremetyevo Airport to Moscow (Belorussky Rail Terminal)
Departure Arrival Departure Arrival
00:45 (instead of 00:30) 01:24 (instead of 01:05) 23:24 (instead of 23:30) 00:06 (instead of 00:05)
    00:30 01:12 (instead of 01:05)

We kindly ask you to keep this information in mind when planning your trips and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.



Dear passengers!

Starting from September 15, 2016, you will need to provide your passport details when purchasing Aeroexpress tickets (Orders No. 473 and No. 322 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation). Personal data will be processed by information systems in strict compliance with current laws and all necessary data protection measures.