May 23, 2024 - Aeroexpress launches an express bus route to Terminal D of Sheremetyevo Airport
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Aeroexpress launches an express bus route to Terminal D of Sheremetyevo Airport

May 23, 2024

Express buses will depart from the Khovrino metro station and go directly to terminal D without stops on the way.

Aeroexpress will re-launch express bus route 1195D from the Khovrino metro station to Terminal D of Sheremetyevo Airport from June 1. Buses will run every 20 minutes on the toll highway without additional stops on the way. The trip will take about 20 minutes.

“Simultaneously with the reopening of Sheremetyevo Airport's Terminal D, we will re-launch a direct express bus route to this terminal to ensure that air passengers can get to the airport quickly and conveniently. New spacious NEFAZ buses will be used on the route - the same as on our route 1195 to Terminals B and C. Express buses to Terminals B and C will continue to operate as usual,” said Andrei Akimov, General Director of Aeroexpress.

The same fares and passes are valid for travel on express buses on routes 1195 and 1195D. You can purchase tickets for travel on the buses on the Aeroexpress website and in mobile application, as well as directly upon boarding from the driver and ticket cashier.

You can also get to Terminal D by Aeroexpress trains. After stopping at terminals B and C, a number of trains run to the southern terminal complex (STC) of the airport, where terminal D is located. From June 1, the number of flights to STC in the morning and evening will increase.

In addition, you can travel between airport terminals on Aeroexpress trains; for this, a special “Interterminal” tariff is available and costs 100 rubles.

You can check the schedule of trains and express buses, as well as purchase tickets on and in the Aeroexpress mobile application.

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