Jul 15, 2021 - Aeroexpress Opens New Terminal at Domodedovo Airport
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Aeroexpress Opens New Terminal at Domodedovo Airport

Jul 15, 2021

The modern terminal complex is connected to the airport building by a straight-line pedestrian gallery.

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The company’s new terminal at Moscow Domodedovo Airport has welcomed the first passengers. This large-scale infrastructure facility, covering a total area of 23,600 sq.m, includes two railway platforms with roofing, four tracks and a four-storey multifunctional complex to serve passengers. The new terminal’s traffic capacity is 1,500 passengers per hour. This makes it possible for passengers to pass through the terminal comfortably while maintaining social distancing even when passenger traffic is high.

The airport has opened a pedestrian gallery connecting the Aeroexpress terminal and the airport terminal for passengers' convenience. The facility area exceeds 2,700 sq.m. From now on, passengers arriving at the airport on Aeroexpress trains will be able to reach the airport building without having to go outside. It takes less than five minutes to get from the train to the check-in desks.

There is a separate checkpoint at the entrance to the Domodedovo pedestrian gallery. This will enhance the security and speed of providing services to guests and air travellers, as well as evenly distribute the load between the terminal entrances.

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The wait for one’s train will become even more comfortable. In the passenger area occupying the two lower levels of the new terminal, one can find a seating area, ticket offices and ticket vending machines. There are also areas to accommodate cafes and shops.

“Opening our own Aeroexpress terminal at Domodedovo is an important step both in the development of our company and the airport. Our common priority is to provide passengers with comfortable conditions at every stage of their trips. The new infrastructure will make travel between Moscow and the airport more seamless and comfortable. Air passengers will be able to quickly reach the departures area directly from the railway platform, all the while remaining dry. When travelling to the city, they will spend quality time with comfort while waiting for the next Aeroexpress train”, said Alina Bisembaeva, CEO of Aeroexpress.

“This year, the number of local trips made from Domodedovo Airport increased by 90% compared to the same period (June to August) in 2019”, said Director of Moscow Domodedovo Airport Andrey Pavlov. “Together with our partner, we are happy to offer passengers new convenient infrastructure during this highly active season. From now on, Aeroexpress passengers can reach the airport terminal without having to go outside, by passing through a glazed walkway furnished with modern lighting, ventilation and heating systems”.

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The two upper floors will be occupied by a hotel, which will open shortly. This hotel will be particularly convenient for transiting air travellers, who will be able to check-in, leave their baggage and if they have time, travel directly from the hotel to Moscow’s city centre on an Aeroexpress train for just 45 minutes.

When designing the terminal, great attention was paid to creating a barrier-free environment. Elevators and escalators enable passengers to move from one floor to another. For the convenience and safety of passengers with limited mobility, the floors are equipped with tactile plates. There are also special ticket offices, turnstiles and toilets.

Aeroexpress connected Domodedovo to the Moscow city centre in 2008. Trains run every 30 minutes, taking just 45 minutes to transport passengers between the Paveletsky Rail Terminal and the airport. Aeroexpress trains running to Domodedovo Airport can also be boarded at the Verkhnie Kotly station, which is integrated with the MCC station by the same name and the railway station in the town of Domodedovo.

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