Sep 17, 2020 - Pink Scooter, Rolex and Skateboard: Things Left by Aeroexpress Passengers aboard Trains and at Terminals during Summer
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Pink Scooter, Rolex and Skateboard: Things Left by Aeroexpress Passengers aboard Trains and at Terminals during Summer

Sep 17, 2020

During the three summer months, the company’s specialists found nearly 330 personal belongings left by passengers aboard trains and at the terminals.

The most frequent items included bags, backpacks, electronic devices and various summer accessories, among which were sunglasses, umbrellas and straw hats.

There were more interesting finds left by passengers, for example, a Rolex watch found together with a straw hat, a pink kids’ scooter and a skateboard. Moreover, Aeroexpress was very popular with painters this summer - a few paintings and a canvas were left behind during the season. Among the finds, there were also books, a few Barbie dolls and an air mattress with swimming trunks.

Nearly 110 lost items have been returned to their owners. More often, passengers come to get back their gadgets, bags and backpacks, wallets and documents.

It is noteworthy that in case of losing personal property, passengers can contact the Aeroexpress hotline, address a shift specialist at the terminal or submit a lost item report at the information desk. After the report is accepted by the competent company’s department (not later than five (5) days upon submission), a reply is sent to the contact details provided by the passenger. Lost property is returned to its owners upon presentation of identity documents and after giving a personal data processing consent in writing. You can also contact Aeroexpress via the company’s accounts on Facebook, Instagram and VKontakte.

Passengers should inform the company’s employees of their visit one day before they come to the lost property office by calling +7 800 700 3377 (for calls from Russia’s regions and mobile phones) or +7 495 663 8410 (for calls from Moscow).

The Aeroexpress lost property office, where items found on all three routes are stored, is located at the company’s depot at the following address: 17 Nizhnyaya Street, Moscow. Passengers can collect their belongings during the open hours of the Lost & Found office: from 01:00 pm to 05:00 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

When coming to collect personal belongings, it is necessary first to address the Aeroexpress employee at the information desk at the Belorussky Rail Terminal, who will provide all the required papers, assist in filling them out (if necessary) and will also give a map of how to reach the lost property office where the lost items will be returned.

Hot line number

8-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones).

8-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow).

The call is free of charge from all regions of Russia.

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