Aug 15, 2020 - Reward for Every Ticket. Aeroexpress Presents a New Loyalty Programme.
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Reward for Every Ticket. Aeroexpress Presents a New Loyalty Programme.

Aug 15, 2020

Starting from August 15, the Aeroexpress Company is launching its new loyalty programme, Aeroexpress PRIVILEGE, which will make it possible for passengers to obtain exclusive discounts and gifts from the company's partners, as well as collect bonus points and use them to pay for Aeroexpress tickets.

Passengers' comfort has always been a priority for Aeroexpress. This new Aeroexpress PRIVILEGE programme is aimed at not only making trips to the airport comfortable and beneficial, but also passengers' time spent at the airport, and even outside of it. Every passenger will be able to use a large pool of special offers.

There are two programme levels - Aeroexpress PRIVILEGE and Aeroexpress PRIVILEGE PREMIUM.

The first level of Aeroexpress PRIVILEGE allows all passengers to receive presents and discounts from the company's partners. It is possible to become a member by merely buying an Aeroexpress ticket, and thus automatically obtaining access to special offers. To use bonus points, travellers need to show their ticket to programme partners, which include cafes, restaurants, shops, digital services, amusements parks and many others.

‘We are striving to create comfortable conditions for passengers when they are both aboard the Aeroexpress train and at the airport. Our first idea was to create a set of partner services that will be available to air passengers. However, while working on the programme, we decided to move beyond our partners working at airports and also include various online services, entertainment spots and others. We will keep working on the programme and continuously expand the pool of our partners and available offers’, said Alina Bisembaeva, CEO of Aeroexpress.

The second-level, Aeroexpress PRIVILEGE PREMIUM, makes it possible to collect bonus points for every trip and use them for future Aeroexpress ticket purchases. To become a member, passengers should register via their account at by checking the box and giving consent to take part in the programme, as well as filling out all the required fields. After that, they are assigned their premium status and can obtain their welcome bonus points. For every trip they take in the future, they will receive bonus points that they can spend on Aeroexpress tickets.

For more details on the programme and available offers, please visit

It is noteworthy that a new unified standard fare is now valid for all routes, which costs 300 roubles. Therefore, starting from August 15, passengers will be able to travel to the airport at the favourable price and also receive gifts and discounts.

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