Jan 23, 2020 - Aeroexpress Sums Up 2019 Operating Results
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Aeroexpress Sums Up 2019 Operating Results

Jan 23, 2020

In 2019, Aeroexpress maintained positive passenger demand dynamics, with a total of 12.2 million passengers opting for the company’s services. That is 0.1 million people more than in 2018. The company’s market share in the airport transportation sector amounted to 12%.

Just as the year earlier, the Sheremetyevo route was the most in-demand direction. Aeroexpress carried 5.4 million people along this link, compared to 5.2 million in 2018. Passenger demand for the Domodedovo direction amounted to 4.3 million travellers (compared to 4.4 million a year earlier). In 2019, Aeroexpress trains handled 2.5 million passengers along the Vnukovo route, keeping at the same level as in 2018.

“In 2019, Aeroexpress passenger demand proved to continue its positive trend of growth that occurred in 2018. However, while a large number of passengers in 2018 was mostly due to the FIFA World Cup, in 2019, even though there were no events of this scale in Moscow, Aeroexpress maintained stable and positive dynamics thanks to its flexible fare policy and several projects introduced by the company.

It is noteworthy that there were several limiting factors. One of them was the engineering works taking place on the railway. Due to the circumstances, the company had to cancel many services on some routes. However, we managed to maintain the operating results achieved in 2018 and even surpass them,” said Alina Bisembaeva, CEO of Aeroexpress.

Last year Aeroexpress launched several projects. On 15 October 2019, the company introduced express bus transportation services, making it possible to reach Sheremetyevo Airport by another means than via Aeroexpress trains. Express buses run between the Khovrino metro station and Terminal B of Sheremetyevo Airport. The route runs along the M-11 toll road, and buses make no interim stops. Travel time is 20 minutes. Express buses run every 15 minutes. In just 2.5 months in 2019, 72,000 passengers opted for express bus services.

Moreover, starting from 21 November 2019, passengers can travel to Sheremetyevo Airport from both the Belorussky Rail Terminal and Odintsovo, to which the company has extended its route, as part of the process of integrating with Moscow Central Diameter-1. It is now possible to directly travel to the airport from Skolkovo, Moscow City (Testovskaya platform), the Savyolovsky Rail Terminal, and other interim stations without any changes. Aeroexpress trains make all stops on the railway section between Odintsovo and the Belorussky Rail Terminal and then run as express trains from the Belorussky Rail Terminal, making two stops at Savyolovskaya and Okruzhnaya.

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