Sep 16, 2019 - Aeroexpress and RT Channel Present Documentary Photo Exhibition

Aeroexpress and RT Channel Present Documentary Photo Exhibition

Sep 16, 2019

On 17 September, a photo exhibition, presented by the Russia Today Documentary channel, will open at the Aeroexpress Terminal located at Sheremetyevo Airport.

The exhibition will feature 17 photos showing highlights from the films aired by the channel, including Behind the Scenes, Little Miss Kung Fu, Syrian Tango, and others. Visitors will be able to admire Kamchatka and Lake Baikal landscapes, see tundra and steppe animals, and learn more about the most unusual places on our planet. Every photo will have a QR code underneath that will lead to a respective documentary.

The frames presented at the exhibition are from the films on varied subjects, including global events and personal stories, unknown pages from the past, and problems that are currently being faced. The exhibition is open to all visitors free of charge during the terminal’s working hours.

It is worth noting that the RTD channel presented earlier another exhibition, called Stories Worth Telling, which is now open to visitors at the Aeroexpress terminal at the Paveletsky Rail Terminal.

RTD is a documentary channel which is part of the RT international network. The channel broadcasts exclusive interviews with state top officials, politicians, people in business, economists and scientists, as well as documentaries about everything that deserves interest in Russia and the world. The channel is available via satellite and cable networks in Russia and abroad, as well as via the Internet at and

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