Jun 19, 2019 - Multimodal Fare from Aeroexpress and Citymobil

Multimodal Fare from Aeroexpress and Citymobil

Jun 19, 2019

Aeroexpress and Citymobil taxi service have announced the launch of a joint multimodal fare that makes it possible to travel from the airport to the rail terminal by train and then continue the journey to the required destination by taxi, using a unified e-ticket.

Passengers will travel from the airport ‘to the door’ or ‘from the door’ to the airport with comfort and at a reasonable price, using a unified e-ticket that includes one train journey and one taxi ride. The brand-new Aeroexpress + Taxi fare will be available via the updated Aeroexpress mobile app later this week.

The Aeroexpress + Taxi fare offers the following three options:

 Standard + Taxi – 700 roubles (a one-way Aeroexpress trip for one person in a standard class carriage plus a taxi journey)

 Duo + Taxi – 1,100 roubles (a one-way Aeroexpress trip for two people plus a taxi journey)

 Group + Taxi – 1,200 roubles (a one-way Aeroexpress trip for a group of up to four people plus a taxi journey)

A passenger purchasing a ticket at this fare will be offered to select an Aeroexpress route from the airport to the city or from the city to the airport and also specify the address within the territory of the Third Ring Road where to be picked up by the taxi.

When travelling from Moscow to the airport, passengers will need to specify the required pick-up time. Passengers travelling from the airport to the city will also be able to specify the pick-up time as they wish. Otherwise, they shall choose their Aeroexpress train service from the timetable and the pick-up time will be calculated automatically based on the Aeroexpress train arrival.

Travellers will receive all necessary information about their order and car via push notifications. Moreover, there is a map in the app, showing regular taxi stops near the Belorussky, Kievsky and Paveletsky Rail Terminals where taxis of the Aeroexpress and Citymobil joint campaign will arrive and ensure seamless transportation.

“The main advantage of Aeroexpress is accurate timing and comfort during travels from the centre of Moscow to the airport, regardless of any external factors. The main benefit offered by taxis is an opportunity to pick up and deliver passengers right ‘to/from the door’ at the time specified by passengers themselves. These two modes of transport are completely different and by combining them, we are able to offer travellers a fixed, affordable price and a completely new level of comfort via a single online platform, which is our mobile app. We are confident that in the era of advanced development of all kinds of transport being observed in global cities, rail transport and cars should complement each other, creating new forms of comfort for residents and tourists,” said Alina Bisembaeva, CEO of Aeroexpress.

“It is well-known that many passengers opt for taxis to travel to the airport. However, with heavy traffic and other factors, it is not always possible to estimate the arrival time to the minute. Being a truly urban taxi service provider, we have been constantly looking for new solutions to offer to our users that make it possible to comfortably travel around the city. This is why, together with Aeroexpress, we are offering Moscow residents and guests the opportunity to combine their taxi travels with Aeroexpress trips. This will enable them to save time and money and travel to the airport in maximum comfort,” said Aram Arakelyan, CEO of Citymobil.

This new fare is valid for all Aeroexpress routes and taxi services can be used within the territory of the Third Ring Road. Upon the completion of the test period, the companies will decide on the extension of the fare validity area so that taxis could travel up to the Moscow Ring Road.

Visit the company’s official website or Aeroexpress mobile app (the Fares and FAQ sections) for more details.

Hot line number

8-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones).

8-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow).

The call is free of charge from all regions of Russia.

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