Dec 7, 2018 - Faster Aeroexpress to Domodedovo

Faster Aeroexpress to Domodedovo


Faster Aeroexpress to Domodedovo

Dec 7, 2018

Starting from 9 December, travel time between the Paveletsky Rail Terminal and Domodedovo Airport on Aeroexpress trains will reduce. Moreover, trains will run every 30 minutes during the whole day, every day.

Previously, one Aeroexpress journey along this route took 45 minutes regardless of the departure time. According to the new timetable, some train services will now take no longer than 40–42 minutes.

Two additional trains, departing at 12:30 from the airport and from the Paveletsky Rail Terminal, will also be added to the daily timetable. There used to be a one-hour break between 12:00 and 13:00 in the operation of Aeroexpress trains on the Domodedovo route.

This update has become possible thanks to the second railway line being put into service between Aviatsyonnaya and Kosmos stations and also the company’s new trains. The modern Swiss-made double-decker trains running on the Domodedovo route can reach the speed of 160 km/h. The infrastructure currently available on the route between the Paveletsky Rail Terminal and Domodedovo Airport allows the company’s trains to run at the speed of 140 km/h at some railway intervals.

“We have managed to eliminate overlapping with other train services at Aviatsyonnaya and Kosmos stations and to reduce travel time by increasing the speed of Aeroexpress trains at this railway interval. In addition, we have added 12:30 train service to the timetable. In the future, we plan to make trips to Domodedovo even more comfortable and reduce travel time to 37 minutes. There is currently no other mode of transport that would allow for faster travelling between central Moscow and the airport,” said Alina Bisembaeva, CEO of Aeroexpress.

Aeroexpress provides 76 train services daily on the route between the Paveletsky Rail Terminal and Domodedovo Airport. After the new timetable becomes effective, there will be 78 services.

In November, Aeroexpress updated its fares. With the new Duo, Duo Round-Trip, and Round-Trip rates, journeys to the airport are now both faster and more cost-efficient.

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