Hot line number
8-800-700-33-77. The call is free of charge from all regions of Russia.
Dear passengers, beginning on September 24th and until the 28th (inclusive), the actual time of train departure from Kievsky station towards Vnukovo airport shall be 15:27 (regular scheduled departure time is 15:30).

Aeroexpress Terminal Renovation at Kievsky Rail Terminal to be Completed

May 12, 2016

As part of the comprehensive renovation of Kievsky Rail Terminal, restoration at the Aeroexpress terminal has been completed.

The Aeroexpress terminal is being renovated according to a set of operations aimed at modernising transport infrastructure facilities, in particular RZhD’s programme for renovating Moscow rail terminals.

As a result of the aforementioned works, there will be seven TVMs, three ticket offices, an information kiosk, and a validation kiosk within the terminal’s territory. To ensure passengers’ security in the new hall, a security check point will be arranged and an introscope will be installed.

The renewed Aeroexpress terminal at Kievsky Rail Terminal is scheduled to open in early June 2016. Before it opens, passengers can enter the Aeroexpress terminal through Entrance 1.

Aeroexpress trains were put into operation between Kievsky Rail Terminal and Vnukovo Airport in 2004. In 2015, the express carrier transported 2.8 million passengers along this route.