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About Aeroexpress

Aeroexpress is a dynamic company that provides rail passenger transportation services, covering routes between Moscow and airports of the Moscow Air Cluster (Vnukovo, Domodedovo, and Sheremetyevo). It was founded in 2005.

Aeroexpress is an integral part of the Moscow Region’s modern transport system. Given the level of traffic congestion along the major highways, the company provides passengers with a convenient and dependable way of travelling between Moscow and its airports. The rail terminals which Aeroexpress trains depart from are conveniently located in the vicinity of stations on the Circle Line of the Moscow Metro.

In 2018, a total of 12.1 million passengers opted for Aeroexpress services. Since it was established, the company has already transported over 130 million passengers.

Rolling Stock

Aeroexpress owns and operates its own rolling stock of AERO trains, which were specially designed at the Demikhovsky Engineering Plant.

In October 2017, Aeroexpress put its double-deck trains, produced by the Swiss company Stadler, into operation. New-generation vehicles run along the Kievsky Rail Terminal–Vnukovo Airport route and the Paveletsky Rail Terminal–Domodedovo Airport route. The company operates a total of eleven double-deck trains. The new trains can reach the speed of 160 km/h. Each carriage is furnished with several screens, sockets, easily adjustable comfortable seats, and a free Wi-Fi network.

The maintenance and repair of the rolling stock takes place at the company’s depot. It was established in 2012 at the leased area of the Ilich locomotive depot. Aeroexpress is the first private suburban passenger carrier to independently serve its operating rolling stock.

In 2017, the accuracy of train services reached 99.8%.

Interim Stops

In 2018, the company made an important step forward to integrating Aeroexpress trains into Moscow’s transport system.

In September 2018, Aeroexpress trains began making a stop at the Okruzhnaya platform on Sheremetyevo route. In December 2018, an interim stop at the Verhniye Kotly platform on Domodedovo route was also introduced.

Interim stops have made it possible for passengers to conveniently change to the metro stations having the same name and MCC, as well as other kinds of public transport. Travel time remained the same at 35 minutes on Sheremetyevo route and 45 minutes on Domodedovo route. For residents of surrounding areas, a trip from the Okruzhnaya platform to Sheremetyevo airport takes 22 minutes and takes 35 minutes from the Verhniye Kotly platform to Domodedovo airport.

Aeroexpress customer service zones are arranged in the halls of the new stations. They include a ticket office and TVMs. There are signs pointing exits to Aeroexpress trains on the platform.

Passenger Services

Passengers can purchase Aeroexpress tickets from Aeroexpress ticket offices and ticket vending machines, at the turnstiles using the Pay@Gate service, via the company’s website at, via the Aeroexpress mobile app (for iOS and Android), and from mobile ticket clerks at the airports.

Various payment options are available, including MasterCard PayPass or Visa payWave and Troika cards. Moreover, travellers can opt for the Apple Pay contactless payment service, which can be also used via the Aeroexpress mobile app.

There is free wireless internet aboard all Aeroexpress trains, and passengers can enjoy a high-speed wireless connection of up to 115 Mbit/sec throughout their journey.

The Aeroexpress quality management system complies with the ISO 9001:2000 international standard.


Aeroexpress has its own railway terminal at the Paveletsky Rail Terminal. It covers an area of 2,000 square meters, which makes it one of the largest terminals in Europe.

The Aeroexpress terminal at the Paveletsky Rail Terminal meets the latest requirements for railway facilities, as well as the needs of today’s passengers. It is equipped with an individual exit to the railway platform, lifts and escalators, airline ticket offices, ticket vending machines, and Aeroexpress ticket offices, one of which is specially adapted for mobility challenged passengers. The terminal’s capacity is 1,800-2,000 people per hour.

In March 2017, Aeroexpress put its new platform into operation at Domodedovo Airport and also started to build the second one. Both platforms will be adapted for the new double-deck trains produced by Stadler. The Aeroexpress railway terminal is now being constructed at Domodedovo Airport.

Social Responsibility

In its operations, Aeroexpress protects the interests of disadvantaged social groups. Upon request, physically challenged passengers are able to receive assistance from a personal assistant free of charge. Train carriages are equipped with folding ramps to accommodate the needs of wheelchair users, as well as special seats and toilet facilities adapted for disabled people. The ticket offices at the company’s terminals are equipped with special intercom stations for hearing impaired people. The platforms at rail terminals and Aeroexpress terminals are equipped with tactile plates, enabling visually challenged passengers to move on their own. The new double-deck carriages are equipped with unique lifts, which are used to transport passengers in wheelchairs between the decks.

Aeroexpress holds a certificate attesting that its corporate activities fully comply with the ISO 26000:2010 international standard, Social Responsibility Guidance. The certificate was issued by the Russian National Association of Rail Transport Employers.