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Aeroexpress Trains to Domodedovo International Airport

Dear passengers!

Please note that the Aeroexpress ticket office zone is located in the centre of the Domodedovo air terminal complex (Entrance 3). Please follow the signs.




Dear passengers, we would like to inform you that due to engineering work being carried out on the Moscow Railroad, the timetable for Aeroexpress trains will be amended for periods Oсtober 17-22 and Oсtober 24-29.


From Moscow (Paveletsky Rail Terminal) to Domodedovo AirportFrom Moscow (Paveletsky Rail Terminal) to Domodedovo Airport
Departure Arrival Departure Arrival
21:30 22:17 (instead of 22:16) 22:00 22:51 (instead of 22:47)
22:00 22:48 (instead of 22:46) 22:30 23:18 (instead of 23:13)
22:30 23:17 (instead of 23:16) 23:00 23:47 (instead of 23:43)
23:03 (instead of 23:00) 23:50 (instead of 23:46) 23:33 (instead of 23:30) 00:20 (instead of 00:13)
23:30 00:20 (instead of 00:16) 00:02 (instead of 00:00) 00:46 (instead of 00:43)
00:00 00:45 (instead of 00:43)    
00:30 01:15 (instead of 01:13)    



We kindly ask you to keep this information in mind when planning your trips and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you.


The price of a standard class one-way ticket in electronic sales channels – Aeroexpress website, mobile application - is RUB 420, in ticket offices, ticket vending machines, the Troika card and Pay@Gate service at turnstiles – RUB 470. Special rail fares for business class travel, the Aeroexspress+metro service, railcards, family, and child travel can be found in the List of fares and services.

An Aeroexpress train ticket can be also purchased online from Aeroexpress' partners. These include a total of 1500 partner sales offices across Russia from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to St Petersburg. Outlets where tickets can be bought are shown on the map of Moscow.

Aeroexpress Trains to Moscow Domodedovo Airport

An Aeroexpress train ticket can be purchased from this website, ticket offices, and from Aeroexpress’ partners. Outlets where tickets can be bought are shown on the map of Moscow.


Aeroexpress trains make trips to Moscow Domodedovo Airport daily, according to the timetable, including weekends and holidays. Trains run without stopping.

from Moscow, Paveletsky Rail Terminalto Domodedovo Moscow Airport

from Domodedovo Moscow Airport to Moscow, Paveletsky Rail Terminal