May 18, 2011 - “Aeroexpress” welcomes Deutsche Bahn AG delegation

“Aeroexpress” welcomes Deutsche Bahn AG delegation

May 18, 2011

Under the frame of the experience exchange programme “Aeroexpress” has received a delegation of young managers and specialists from Deutsche Bahn AG.

“Aeroexpress” welcomes Deutsche Bahn AG delegation

“Aeroexpress” LLC staff demonstrated advanced rolling stock, a unique railway terminal complex located at Sheremetyevo International Airport which has no analogues in Russia; as well, there was held a presentation devoted to “Systems of intermodal services as exemplified by cooperation between Russian Railways JSC and Aeroexpress LLC”.

The work meeting was held under “Young professionals” programme which has been taking place since 2010 as initiated by Mr. V.I. Yakunin, the President of Russian Railways JSC and Mr. R. Grube, the Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Bahn AG. The professional training of German specialists at Russian Railways facilities will take place from May 18th to June 2nd, 2011 in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and will culminate in participation at VI Business Forum "1520 Strategic Partnership" in Sochi.

Mr. Rustam Akiniyazov, Aeroexpress LLC Commercial Director stresses, “Arrangement for international professional training courses is one of the most efficient tools for young specialists’ qualifications upgrade. Through studying in a partner company the employees not only acquire a valuable experience of international co-operation, they obtain a more profound perception of transport system operation and development tendencies for the railway sector, as well”.


“Young professionals” programme of Russian Railways JSC and Deutsche Bahn AG implies exchange of groups of young employees (up to 15 persons, aged 24-34 years) who possess large potential. The educational programme includes lectures, round table talks with company top management, visiting railway transport facilities and infrastructure under construction. The principal instrument of obtaining a practical experience is involvement of training participants into the operational activities of the receiving company.

In 2010 within the frames of realisation of the abovementioned programme representatives from Deutsche Bahn AG took part in the IV annual forum of Russian Railways’ young specialists. In September-October 2010 training for young managers and specialists of the Russian company was arranged for in Germany. Within May 18th and June 2nd, 2011 there will take place a return training course for Deutsche Bahn AG staff at Russian Railways JSC facilities.

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