Jul 12, 2019 - Mikhail Kozhukhov to Voice Aeroexpress Announcements

Mikhail Kozhukhov to Voice Aeroexpress Announcements

Jul 12, 2019

Renowned TV and radio host, journalist and traveller Mikhail Kozhukhov will voice information announcements aboard Aeroexpress trains.

In July, Mikhail Kozhukhov’s voice will sound aboard Aeroexpress trains along all routes of operation. The TV host will speak about the route of travel and provide safety instructions, as well as share some interesting facts about Aeroexpress destination points. Passengers will learn about the history and architecture of the Belorussky, Paveletsky and Kievsky Rail Terminals, as well as about the operation of Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo Airports.

“It has already become a good tradition in the transport industry that famous people voice audio messages for passengers. Information delivered by a familiar voice always attracts more attention and is perceived better, which is essential for ensuring compliance with the safety rules aboard passenger transport. This is why, together with Mikhail Kozhukhov’s Travel Club, we have decided to record an alternative version of announcements to sound aboard Aeroexpress trains adding also some interesting facts to them,” said Alina Bisembaeva, CEO of Aeroexpress.

“Aeroexpress will speak with Mikhail Kozhukov’s voice” this fact sounds really alluring to me. It was exciting to take part in something completely unusual for me. When I was reading the voiceover text, I caught myself thinking that, although I was trying my best, I was not able to change the intonation of this ‘Please be careful, the doors are now closing’ phrase from my childhood, heard aboard suburban trains. It feels so good that a lot of time has passed since then and that it will now sound aboard these amazing Aeroexpress trains,” said Mikhail Kozhukhov, President of Travel Club.

During his career, Mikhail Kozhukhov has won all significant journalism awards in Russia for his TV shows about travel and for his service as a military reporter. Viewers are familiar with his shows In Search of Adventures (2002–2006) and Around the World (2006–2007), aired on the Rossiya TV channel. In Mikhail’s own words, his professional path was determined by choice, described by Gorky as “live better or be better”. There are no such material or status benefits that could overtake the curiosity in and devotion to something you love doing.

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