Jun 6, 2019 - Aeroexpress Passengers Plan Return Trips More Often
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Aeroexpress Passengers Plan Return Trips More Often

Jun 6, 2019

Round-trip ticket sales doubled after the company changed its fare policy in November 2018.

Virtually 1.3 million passengers opted for the round-trip fares between November 2018 and May 2019. This is 125% higher compared to the same period in 2017-2018. The average share of round-trip tickets in the total amount of sales has risen from 9% to 20%. Therefore, every fifth Aeroexpress passenger purchases a ticket for two journeys at a time (to the airports and back again or the other way around).

It is worth noting that from November to May nearly 900,000 travellers purchased standard Round-Trip tickets, over 250,000 people selected the Duo Round-Trip fare, and over 140,000 passengers bought Group Round-Trip tickets.

“In November 2018, we revised our fare policy and, as one of the changes, set the same price for standard round-trip tickets regardless of the way they are purchased online or from ticket offices. That made the fare more attractive for passengers to use it. Moreover, when we introduced new Duo and Group fares, we also made it possible for travellers to buy return tickets at these fares and enjoy even more beneficial price,” said Alina Bisembaeva, CEO of Aeroexpress.

In November 2018, Aeroexpress introduced changes to the fare concept. The company optimized their Round-Trip fare and made it 15% more affordable. One return ticket for two journeys now costs 850 roubles regardless of the payment option that was used to buy it. The price of such ticket at this fare previously amounted to 1,000 roubles when purchased from ticket offices and ticket vending machines. New Duo and Dou Round-Trip fares were also introduced.

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