Mar 21, 2019 - Young Aeroexpress Passengers to Enjoy Bird’s Eye View of Moscow

Young Aeroexpress Passengers to Enjoy Bird’s Eye View of Moscow

Mar 21, 2019

Right before school spring holidays, Aeroexpress is pleased to announce a special offer for children to visit the Ferris wheel at Skazka Park in Moscow for free.

This offer is available for passengers who purchase a ticket at Group and Group Round-Trip fares between 23 and 31 March. One can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Moscow during the aforesaid period after they have shown their Aeroexpress ticket at the park’s ticket offices. One Aeroexpress group ticket is valid for one complimentary ride on the Ferris wheel at Skazka Park. This offer applies to a group of up to four people; at least one child under 16 is to be included in the group.

“During the spring holidays, the number of passengers with children commonly grows, as well as groups of schoolchildren travelling with adults. Aeroexpress and Skazka Park decided to add another activity to the list of things the children can do during their school holidays and invite them to have a ride on the Ferris wheel,” said Alina Bisembaeva, CEO of Aeroexpress.

The Ferris wheel located at Skazka Park operates all year round. In seven minutes—the time the wheel makes a full round—visitors can enjoy views of Moscow from the height of 35 metres while sitting comfortably in closed cabins with panoramic windows.

Group and Group Round-Trip tickets apply to groups of up to four people travelling one way or making a return trip in a standard carriage. Choosing these cost-efficient fares, passengers pay just above 200 roubles per person one way.

About Skazka Park

Skazka Family Park is a 7-hectare multifunctional city amusement park that is located in the territory of a nature reserve. The park is open space and its design is inspired by fairytales and cartoons. Programs for activities and events meet kids’ needs to spend more time in the fresh air. The park’s whole infrastructure meets this need.

The park includes various locations and rides that can’t be found anywhere else in Moscow. An entertaining interactive playground for children and adults operates all year round. There are activities for kids of all ages. Each and every child will be thrilled.

Park visitors travel to different times and countries, moving from the Ice Age to the dinosaurs’ world, then visiting Huskies in the Far North, and transiting from the real world to the world of Baba Yaga and Koschei the Immortal (supernatural beings from Russian folklore).

In Skazka Park, there is the largest 27m-high roller coaster in Moscow and a Ferris wheel with a panoramic view of Serebryany Bor. There is also a rope park, climbing walls, petting zoo, clowns’ club, geological cave, castle of quests, hall of mirrors, skating rink, riding school, and modern rides.

Address: 18 Ulitsa Krylatskaya, Moscow, 121552


Hot line number

8-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones).

8-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow).

The call is free of charge from all regions of Russia.

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