Mar 14, 2019 - Even More Convenient Way to Purchase Aeroexpress Tickets
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Even More Convenient Way to Purchase Aeroexpress Tickets

Mar 14, 2019

The ticket purchasing menu on the Aeroexpress website, in the app and in TVMs, will be even more convenient for passengers.

Improved interface will make it possible for travellers to more quickly navigate through available fares and choose the one most suitable for them. The menu is divided into two groups: one-way tickets and round-trip tickets. Each fare has its own icon that stands for the number of passengers the fare applies to.

All fares are shown on one page. Thus, all basic information about fares and prices will be available at a time. The menu also contains the least possible amount of text to make it more accessible and user-friendly.

We have undertaken several focus groups in order to evaluate information readability and accessibility in the ticket purchasing menu. Following the survey results, we decided to upgrade our online sales channels’ and TVMs’ interface, using up-to-date screen forms that will make it possible for passengers to purchase tickets faster and in a more convenient way,said Alina Bisembaeva, CEO of Aeroexpress. 

In addition, a series of opinion polls were carried out among Aeroexpress passengers to access usability and comprehension of the fare names. Based on their results, the name of the Duo fare in Russian has been changed (from ‘Para’ to ‘Parny’) and the Family & Friends fare has been renamed as the 'Group' fare. The fares terms and conditions will remain the same.

 “We believe that names should deliver the essence of the fares as accurately as possible so that passengers would be able to instantly choose the offer that suits them best. Associative names do not always make the best solution. This is why we decided to change the names of the two fares, so they will be more understandable,” added Alina Bisembaeva.

In 2018, passengers’ demand for the Aeroexpress group fares increased by 80%, with 1.3 million people purchasing such tickets. These fares help significantly save on trips to and from the airport in pairs and groups. The Group fare (former Family & Friends fare), applies to a group of up to four people travelling together one way or making a return trip. Passengers selecting this fare will pay just a little over 200 roubles each. The price of a trip at the Duo fare for one person will be 360 to 425 roubles, depending on whether passengers travel one-way or make a round trip.

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