Dec 4, 2018 - Over 200,000 Passengers Used New Aeroexpress Fares in November

Over 200,000 Passengers Used New Aeroexpress Fares in November

Dec 4, 2018

Over 200,000 people took advantage of the new Aeroexpress fares – Round-Trip, Duo and Duo Round-Trip.

140,000 passengers opted for Round-Trip tickets, allowing them to take two rides. Starting from the end of October, one return ticket costs 850 roubles regardless of the way of purchase. The price of that ticket previously amounted to 1,000 roubles when purchased from ticket offices and ticket vending machines.

Nearly 70,000 people travelling in pairs purchased Aeroexpress tickets at the Duo and Duo Round-Trip rates. These new fares, introduced in November, cost 850 and 1,450 roubles respectively. Therefore, a passenger will pay 425 roubles for a one-way ticket and 363 roubles for a return ticket, which is virtually 30% off the cost of a standard ticket.

Between 1 December and 15 January, Aeroexpress tickets for children aged 14 and under will cost only 1 rouble. Discounted tickets are available at the company’s ticket offices and can also be purchased from Aeroexpress ticket sales attendants and agents. For example, when checking in for an Aeroflot flight online, an Aeroexpress ticket will also be offered with a discount.

To learn more about the available fares and terms, visit the Aeroexpress web

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