Sep 28, 2018 - Aeroexpress Reminds Children of Railway Traffic Safety Rules

Aeroexpress Reminds Children of Railway Traffic Safety Rules

Sep 28, 2018

Company’s representatives held a safety lesson for the students of the Dedovsk boarding school.

Aeroexpress specialists told children about the safety rules they must observe at railway facilities, including the following:

- Cross railroads only at designated walkways;

- Make sure there are no approaching vehicles before crossing railway crosswalks that are not equipped with special signs or traffic lights;

- Avoid using earphones and telephones when crossing railways;

- Never hold on to the outside of a train under any circumstances;

- Avoid riding a bike, skateboarding and rollerblading on a railway platform.

A painting contest on the railway topic was also organized. Its winners were awarded with educational games.

“Such safety lessons have become a good tradition for our company. Our employees reminded the pupils of the Dedovsk boarding school that railroads are high-risk facilities where they need to be extremely careful. This lesson was essential for children, as it helped them understand that following simple rules is a requirement for their personal safety and security at railways,” - said Ekaterina Lobanova, Aeroexpress Press Service Officer.

Aeroexpress took the Dedovsk Special Boarding School under its patronage in 2013. The company regularly arranges varied educational and entertaining events for children from this school. In May 2018, for example, Aeroexpress organised a tour around its depot in order to help children choose their future profession.

The Dedovsk Special Boarding School helps children with various problems to develop and to obtain basic knowledge and skills that are necessary for their future self-determination within society.

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