Sep 27, 2018 - Aeroexpress Executives Named among Ten Best in Russia
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Aeroexpress Executives Named among Ten Best in Russia

Sep 27, 2018

Several Aeroexpress executives are named among the best ten managers in the Transport category of the Top-1000 Russian Managers rating, drawn up by the Managers’ Association and the Kommersant Publishing House.

The following executives are among the leaders:

- Chief Commercial Officer Mikhail Kovalsky (Top-2 in the Commercial Executives Rating);

- Chief Marketing Officer Dmitry Khazov (Top-2 in the Marketing Executives Rating);

- Chief Corporate and Legal Officer Andrey Koshkin (Top-3 in the Corporate Governance Executives Rating);

- Chief Financial Officer Roman Guda (Top-4 in the Financial Executives Rating).

The rating was published on 25 September in the Kommersant newspaper and was a result of the 19th annual survey. It is worth mentioning that Andrey Koshkin and Roman Guda were also named among the Top-1000 Russian Managers in 2017.

The Top-1000 Russian Managers business rating is an objective performance appraisal for managers of the leading companies, representing recognition of their professional achievements and strong reputation. The rating is drawn up according to the ‘best chooses best’ principle, i.e. CEOs select CEOs, operating executives choose operating executives, etc.

Its aim is to define the best executives among Chief Financial Officers, Chief Commercial Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief HR Officers, Chief IT Officers, Chief Public and Corporate Relations Officers, Chief Government Affairs Officers, Chief Corporate Governance Officers, Chief Logistics Officers, Chief Legal Officers, and CEOs. Rating results are verified by expert committees consisting of current candidates and winners of previous years.

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