Sep 21, 2018 - 50% of Airline Passengers Plan Journeys Less than Week in Advance
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50% of Airline Passengers Plan Journeys Less than Week in Advance

Sep 21, 2018

Aeroexpress, together with the OneTwoTrip online travel planning service, has analysed a booking pattern for plane and Aeroexpress tickets and learned how many days in advance passengers plan their journeys.

According to OneTwoTrip, nearly half of all passengers departing from Moscow in 2018 purchased their plane tickets less than seven days before their flight, of which 5% purchased tickets on the travel date. 32% of travellers plan their journeys in advance and buy tickets 7 to 30 days before their trip. Virtually 21% of people purchased tickets earlier than one month before travel, with only 0.5% of them preparing for their journey over six months in advance.

With regard to passengers transfer to/from the airport, 61% of Moscow residents and guests to the city make their decisions right on the travel date, as proved by Aeroexpress e-ticket sales statistics. 25% of passengers plan a trip to/from the airport 1-2 days before their arrival/departure.

Nearly 7% of travellers think out how to reach the airport 3 to 6 days before their flight. Another 3% make decisions regarding their transfer 7 to 10 days in advance and the same number of people purchase tickets 11 to 30 days ahead. Only 1.5% of passengers buy their Aeroexpress tickets more than one month before the planned date of travel.

The vast majority of Aeroexpress mobile app users (80%) opt for purchasing tickets right on the travel date. The rest of them buy tickets 1-2 days (15%) or over 3 days (5%) in advance.

Website users also purchase tickets mostly on the travel date, making 48% of the total sales via the Aeroexpress website. Over 25% book tickets one day before their flight and nearly 10% plan trips over 10 days in advance.

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