Sep 10, 2018 - Travel at Home Photo Exhibition Open at Aeroexpress Terminal at Sheremetyevo
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Travel at Home Photo Exhibition Open at Aeroexpress Terminal at Sheremetyevo

Sep 10, 2018

Aeroexpress, together with the TRIP2RUS.RU tourism portal, has introduced the Travel at Home photo exhibition.

The project represents 16 of the best works from the Travel at Home All-Russian Photo Festival. The exhibition shows landscapes and famous sights from various regions of Russia, including lakes in Karelia, waterfalls in Kabardino-Balkaria, Kremlin in Novgorod, and the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Passengers can travel around picturesque areas of Russia while waiting for their Aeroexpress train or upon arrival at the airport, on the third floor of the company’s terminal at Sheremetyevo Airport.

“The exhibition is open to everyone — the company's passengers or any traveller who wants to see it. We hope that these photos will help to introduce new travel destinations for domestic tourists and will guide foreign visitors around various regions of Russia. In addition, each picture is accompanied with a piece of information about the sight shown in it, ways to reach it and the most convenient flights to travel there,” said Ekaterina Lobanova, Press Service Officer at Aeroexpress.

“We would like to thank Aeroexpress for their cooperation and this opportunity to represent works of the photographers who took part in out photo festival to the public. Aeroexpress is popular with both domestic and foreign travellers so all information at the exhibition is provided in Russian and English. We are glad to invite everyone to take part in our photo contest called ‘Travel at Home’. Your picture might be included in our next exhibition,” commented Elena Sergeyeva, Editor-in-Chief at TRIP2RUS.RU and Chairman of the Judges at the Travel at Home Photo Festival.

The Travel at Home photo exhibition will run at the Aeroexpress terminal located at Sheremetyevo Airport until 15 October 2018.

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