May 26, 2017 - Largest Cycling Parade to Take Place along Garden Ring on May 28

Largest Cycling Parade to Take Place along Garden Ring on May 28

May 26, 2017

A large Moscow Cycling Parade supporting the development of cycling infrastructure and safe roads will take place on May 28 as part of the All-Russian Cycling Parades Day, held annually on the last Sunday of May under the aegis of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. Over 40,000 people are expected to partake in the race.

Participants to the cycling parade, which is this year’s largest, are gathering at 11:00 in Sakharov Prospekt. The start zone will be accessible only from Kalanchovskaya Street. On Sakharov Prospekt participants in the parade may visit partner entertainment sites, take part in cycling workshops, and enjoy the Music in the Metro performance. The race starts at 12:00 noon sharp. Cyclists participating in the parade will run a whole lap around the Garden Ring.

Participation in the parade is free and voluntary and any bikes are allowed in the race. Since this event is not a sporting race, the average speed will not exceed 14–15 km/h. Parade organisers recommend reading the event rules at www.i–bike– before taking part.

On the day of the parade, the Velobike bicycle rental service will provide discounts to everyone interested. For the duration of the parade, three- to six-hour rides will cost RUB 450 instead of the regular rate of RUB 1,000. A Season membership will be offered at a discount of RUB 100. For the convenience of those participants living in remote districts of Moscow or in Moscow suburbs, the Central Suburban Passenger Company and Moscow–Tver Suburban Passenger Company will provide free bike transportation aboard suburban trains throughout the day on May 28. Free bike transportation services will be offered on public and Moscow Central Circle transport, also providing participants a good way to reach the start site.

The Cycling Parade is organised by the Let's Bike It! Project, together with the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development. General sponsors include Tinkoff Bank and Kärcher. The official sponsor of this event is Volvo Cars. 

“The All-Russian Cycling Parades Day appeared thanks to Moscow cycling parades, which have been bringing together tens of thousands of people in the past few years. Last year alone, four cycling parades took place in Moscow, including the winter one. In total, over 80,000 people took part in them,” said Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport Affairs.

For more details and rules of the event, please visit the official website of the Moscow Cycling Parade at www.i–bike–



In May 2017, the Moscow Cycling Parade celebrated its fifth anniversary. The first large cycling parade in Moscow took place on May 20, 2012. Over 200 volunteers helped to prepare that event. They ensured the safe movement of cyclists, worked at the start site, put up posters, and carried out other activities to make the event happen. Over 8,000 participants supported the main idea of the event ‘The city needs cycling infrastructure!’ Information on the Cycling Parade was posted and aired by Russian mass media, as well as some foreign companies. The parade was rated second in regards of its mentions in blogs (according to Yandex. Blogi). The #велопарад (cycling parade) tag ranked in Twitter’s TOP–10.

In September 2015, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation recommended that federal authorities, governments of the subjects of Russia, and public authorities make the last Sunday of May a day to jointly hold cycling parades throughout Russia. In 2017, cycling events will take place in dozens of Russian cities, including St Petersburg, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don, Petrozavodsk, Kaliningrad, Voronezh and Krasnoyarsk, among others.

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