May 23, 2017 - Aeroexpress Tickets at 50% Discount with Android Pay and MasterCard

Aeroexpress Tickets at 50% Discount with Android Pay and MasterCard

May 23, 2017

Starting from 23 May, three thousand MasterCard holders using the Android Pay service will be able to purchase standard Aeroexpress tickets at a 50% discount.

This special offer applies to tickets bought at the Aeroexpress turnstiles installed at Moscow airports. It is noteworthy that only one discounted ticket per day can be purchased by any campaign participant.

‘We strive to save our passengers’ time. The use of the latest technology means that everything, including ticket purchases, takes only a few seconds. Thus, our cooperation and joint campaign with the Android Pay service and Mastercard is expected and logical. Just like our company, our partners value security, reliability, and convenience. Together, we can ensure that Aeroexpress passengers can travel in even greater comfort,’ says Valery Fyodorov, COO of Aeroexpress.

The full price of one single standard ticket is RUB 500. To read the details of the joint campaign being carried out by Aeroexpress, Mastercard and Android Pay, please visit

Aeroexpress and Mastercard have already carried out a joint campaign for Apple Pay users. Mastercard holders were the first to use this service in Russia. They were able to purchase Aeroexpress standard tickets for just one ruble.

About Mastercard: Mastercard (NYSE: MA) is a technology company that operates in the global payment industry. Mastercard manages the fastest payment processing network in the world, that connects customers, financial institutions, commercial organisations, and government and business structures in over 210 countries. Products and solutions offered by Mastercard make it possible to take care of routine tasks, i.e. making purchases, travel, running businesses, and managing funds, making them easier, safer and more efficient. Mastercard deploys contactless and mobile solutions on the Russian market. In 2008, the company first introduced one-touch payments in Russia. In 2012, thanks to MasterCard, the first project commenced in Russia, enabling people to pay for purchases using their mobile phones. Nowadays, contactless payments are accepted by various businesses, including commercial chains and convenience shops, fast-food restaurants, pharmacies, cinemas, and transport systems (metropolitan, Russian Railways, etc.). By 2020, all POS terminals in Europe will accept one-touch payments. In autumn 2016, MasterCard became the first company in Russia to launch tokenization, thanks to which Apple Pay and Samsung Pay global e-wallets have been made available to MasterCard holders.

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