Dec 27, 2016 - Aeroexpress Changes Its Fare Policy

Aeroexpress Changes Its Fare Policy

Dec 27, 2016

The prices of tickets purchased from ticket offices and TVMs will increase as of January 4.

Beginning January 4, 2017, standard Aeroexpress tickets will cost RUB 500. The price will only change for tickets purchased from ticket offices and ticket vending machines. Passengers who opt to buy tickets via the company's website or mobile app will be able to purchase tickets for the same price as currently (RUB 420). Therefore, the discount on e-tickets will amounts to 16%. Fares for business class travel (RUB 1,000) and popular railcards, such as the Family (RUB 990), Group (RUB 990), and Child's (RUB 130) fares, will remain unchanged.

"The increase in the standard ticket price corresponds to the inflation rate in the current year. Aeroexpress' fare policy remains flexible and takes into account the interests of different categories of passengers," says Valery Fyodorov, Chief Operating Officer of Aeroexpress. "I would like to note that we have managed to keep our online ticket prices at the same level although economic conditions are rather complicated. In the future, we are going to count on the development of e-commerce channels."

In 2016, website and mobile app sales figures grew continuously. The company is methodically working on diversifying sales channels and is paying special attention to electronic tickets. Among other solutions, the Aeroexpress Bonus loyalty programme was launched in 2016. As of today, its members include over 50,000 people.

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