Nov 21, 2016 - Aeroexpress to Run Special Campaign for Loyalty Programme Participants

Aeroexpress to Run Special Campaign for Loyalty Programme Participants

Nov 21, 2016

Extra bonus points will be granted to new programme members and existing users.

Between November 21 and December 25, Aeroexpress will offer beneficial conditions to participants in the Aeroexpress Bonus programme. As part of the Greeting Bonuses campaign, passengers who register after November 21 will obtain 50 bonus points. Moreover, all passengers participating in the loyalty programme will be able to double their bonus amounts for tickets purchased during the campaign period. Thus, Aeroexpress Bonus users will receive 100 points for one standard ticket and 200 bonus points for a round-trip or business-class ticket.

"Aeroexpress Bonus programme members will be able to purchase one ticket with a 50% discount after two Aeroexpress journeys. After five trips, participants will have the opportunity to buy a ticket at a nominal price of one rouble," says Aeroexpress COO Valery Fyodorov. “Our campaign is particularly convenient for those passengers who do not travel very often. They have 365 days to use their bonus points."

We recall that the Aeroexpress Bonus programme was launched in January of this year. Passengers receive 50 bonus points for one standard ticket and 100 points for one business-class ticket purchased from the company's website at or via the mobile app. When 200 bonus points have been accumulated, a passenger may enjoy a 50% discount when purchasing his/her next ticket. If there are 450 bonus points on a passenger's account, the next trip will cost only one rouble. For business-class tickets, a passenger needs to have 400 points to receive a discount and 900 bonus points to obtain the opportunity to travel for one rouble.

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