Apr 7, 2016 - Aeroexpress Supports ‘Attention Children’ Campaign

Aeroexpress Supports ‘Attention Children’ Campaign

Apr 7, 2016

Aeroexpress met with children from the Dedovsk Special Boarding School, which the company sponsors, and led an open lesson as part of the campaign for ‘Attention Children’ month organised by Russian Railways.

On Thursday, April 7, Aeroexpress representatives visited the Dedovsk Special Boarding School, where they spoke to the children about the rules of conduct at the stations, rail terminals and railroad crossings and reminded them of the safety rules. The company’s employees also involved the students in a competition for drawing pictures of railways. The first prize winner received a camera with a music player and wireless speaker presented for second and third place. At the end of the meeting, the children told the guests about their hobbies and studies and shared their plans for the future.

 “Such visits have become a good tradition,” says Alexey Sorokin, Chief Operating Officer of Aeroexpress. “We hope that the students from the boarding school will remember today’s lecture and that they will never endanger their own lives.”

According to Nina Khudyakova, the school’s director, this is not the first year that Aeroexpress has been supporting the boarding school. “We would like to thank the company’s representatives for being concerned about our children,” she said. “Such safety lessons are very important for the students and especially for teenagers, who sometimes do not realise the consequences of being inattentive at railways”.

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