Mar 13, 2015 - Aeroexpress Pays over RUB 618,000 as Compensation Due to Disruptions on Paveletsky Rail Terminal – Domodedovo Airport Route

Aeroexpress Pays over RUB 618,000 as Compensation Due to Disruptions on Paveletsky Rail Terminal – Domodedovo Airport Route

Mar 13, 2015

13.03.2015. — Moscow. At 08:45 Moscow Time on 12 March 2015, Aeroexpress services were disrupted on the running line of the Aviatsionnaya–Kosmos station along the Moscow Railroad’s Paveltskoye direction due to damage to the main cable. As the result, trains departing both from Paveletsky Rail Terminal and Domodedovo Airport were running behind schedule. In all, six pairs of services were cancelled and seven services were running between 6 and 84 minutes late.

Around RUB 618,348 (including both Aeroexpress and air tickets) was paid by Aeroexpress to passengers in compensation for this period of disruption. The cost of Aeroexpress train tickets have been refunded to 118 passengers, valued at RUB 53,100. Aeroexpress voluntarily committed itself to reimburse the costs of air tickets for passengers who were late for their flights due to the changes in the timetable, independent of the reasons that caused the failure. As a result, the total amount paid for air tickets reached RUB 565,248.

The company has been practicing such a refund policy for several years now: this involves compensation of the full costs for Aeroexpress train tickets in the case of delays longer than 15 minutes.

“Due to yesterday’s disruption, a total of RUB 618,000 has been paid out,” commented Alexey Sorokin, Chief Operating Officer at Aeroexpress. “We intentionally and voluntarily commit ourselves to offering compensation for air tickets, as concern about our passengers is a priority in our work, and we make every effort to minimize the negative consequences of such incidents,” he added.

It should be recalled that the damage to the cable of the station equipment ensuring automatic control over trains (for switching points, regulating light signals), occurred at the aforementioned rail section during the excavation works for laying drainage trays, carried out by a contracting organization.

At 11:31 on 12 March 2015, the schedule on the “Paveletsky Rail Terminal — Domodedovo Airport” route completely returned to normal, and trains are now running in accordance with the timetable.

Aeroexpress timetable is available on the company’s official website at

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