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From December 17 to December 19 there are some timetable changes for the train services running along the Sheremetyevo routes. For more details, visit the Timetable section on our website or contact +7 800 700 3377.

Travelling on Moscow Aeroexpresses to Cost RUB 130 in Mornings and Evenings

Aug 4, 2014

04.08.2014. – Moscow. Aeroexpress has conducted detailed marketing research, covering passenger traffic on air rail links to three Moscow airports in terms of different time of day. As a result, new railcards – Morning, Evening, and Morning-Evening – are to be introduced on Aeroexpress routes in Moscow on 18 August. This promotion is yet another significant step for the company in its pursuit to make Aeroexpress services even more comfortable for passengers.

Recently, Aeroexpress initiated a survey aimed at learning what groups of passengers use the Moscow carrier’s services during the day. Regarding the results of the study, the company decided to update the existing list of fares with a view to the needs of airport officers, airline employees, and those who live near the airports yet work downtown. Mostly all of them use Aeroexpress services in the mornings and evenings.

For this very group, in addition to currently available fares, the company will introduce three more railcards – Morning, Evening, and Morning-Evening – for travelling on Aeroexpress trains in Moscow. So, the Morning Railcard will be valid for travelling on trains departing anytime from 05:30 to 07:30 (inclusive) on the route “Belorussky Rail Terminal – Sheremetyevo Airport” and from 05:00 to 07:30 (inclusive) in the opposite direction. On the route between Paveletsky Rail Terminal and Domodedovo Airport, the same railcard will be valid for travelling on trains departing anytime from 06:00 to 07:30 (inclusive), and between Kievsky Rail Terminal and Vnukovo Airport, it will be valid for travelling on trains departing at 06:00 and 07:00. The Evening Railcard will be valid on trains travelling between Belorussky Rail Terminal and Sheremetyevo Airport from 19:30 to 00:30 (inclusive), and services departing from Kievsky Rail Terminal to Vnukovo Airport anytime from 19:30 to 00:00 (inclusive) and from 20:00 to 00:00 (inclusive) in the opposite direction. As for the “Domodedovo Airport – Paveletsky Rail Terminal” route, the Evening Railcard will be valid on trains travelling to Moscow anytime from 19:30 to 00:00 (inclusive) and those travelling to the airport from 19:30 to 00:30 (inclusive).

Moreover, an integrated Morning-Evening Railcard will also be introduced for 50 journeys, which will combine both the morning and evening services mentioned above. The economic benefits of the deal for Aeroexpress passengers cannot be overestimated, as the cost of one journey using any of these railcards will be only RUB 130.

The new fares will be valid on all Moscow routes within the specified service periods.

“We strive to make our pricing policy convenient to an even wider range of passengers,” commented Alexey Sorokin, Chief Operating Officer at Aeroexpress. “Together with an evolving Moscow and, as a result, the development of large-scale housing construction in the vicinity, our number of passengers has notably increased owing to residents of the new districts located near the airports. That is exactly why we decided to extend the line of fares and make Aeroexpress services beneficial for this group of passengers.”

The Morning and Evening Railcards will cost RUB 2,600 and the combined Morning-Evening Railcard will cost RUB 6,500. Along with the new deals, all conventional Aeroexpress fares will remain unchanged: Standard, Business, Round-trip, Family, Business Trip, Plus Metro, and others are available.