Jun 18, 2014 - Aeroexpress Releases Updated App for iOS 7

Aeroexpress Releases Updated App for iOS 7

Jun 18, 2014

18.06.2014. – Moscow. In efforts to continue developing its electronic sales channels, Aeroexpress has released an updated app version for iOS smartphones and tablets. The bugs detected in the previous version have been fixed, and the app’s interface and navigation have also been significantly improved.

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The Aeroexpress mobile app, developed by the leader in commuter and intermodal rail transportation in Moscow, offers users a great opportunity to save both time and money when purchasing Aeroexpress tickets and enables them to enjoy a convenient mobile service as well. Furthermore, when making a purchase via the app, the ticket doesn’t need to be printed out – in order to pass through the Aeroexpress turnstiles, just place your device’s screen with the QR-code face down on the reader.

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Along with such existing features as the possibility of purchasing multiple tickets ‘from one screen’ using a slider and ordering a taxi during the purchase, other new options have also been added in accordance with iOS 7 functionality. The app’s interface has undergone some substantial improvements and now fully complies with Apple’s requirements and corresponds to the new operating system’s potential. In addition, developers have fixed the bug in the iPad app version, which appeared after the system’s upgrade from iOS 7 to 7.1.1 and caused the app to freeze up when the user selected the date of ticket purchase. Now this error has been eliminated, and the Aeroexpress app for iPad runs smoothly. Navigation between sections has also been considerably refined to become even faster, more user-friendly, and responsive.

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“We do our best to make our services convenient for all categories of passengers. In the new version of the Aeroexpress app, optimized for iOS 7, we have considered all potential improvements to the operating system and, correspondingly, tried to maximally adapt the app in accordance with them”, said Rustam Akiniazov, Chief Commercial Officer at Aeroexpress. “We strive to keep up with the times and, wherever possible, even move ahead of it. It is, therefore, important for us to constantly monitor all technological improvements and innovations that are taking place in the IT industry.”

The Aeroexpress mobile app, which is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices and which makes it possible to buy Aeroexpress tickets in Moscow with a single click, is becoming even more popular among passengers. By now, the number of downloads has already grown by 409,000, with 104,000 downloads made during the first five months of 2014 and a total of 80,000 tickets sold. The app also provides an online Aeroexpress timetable for Moscow, Vladivostok, and Kazan. The following fares are available: Business, Standard, and Round Trip; when making a purchase via the app, the cost of Standard and Round Trip fares is 15% lower than purchases from the company’s ticket offices and ticket vending machines.

The new version of the Aeroexpress mobile application is already available for download on the App Store.

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