Jun 11, 2014 - Aeroexpress Presents Unique XXL Advertising Format

Aeroexpress Presents Unique XXL Advertising Format

Jun 11, 2014

04.06.2014. – Moscow. Aeroexpress confirms its status as a pioneer in introducing innovative advertising technology and continues to expand branding opportunities on its sites. The company is offering potential advertisers unique advertising media for better and more effective communication with air passengers, an audience that has traditionally been very popular among all categories of advertisers.

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The newly presented advertising format involves the external two-sided branding of glass surfaces at the Aeroexpress terminal of Sheremetyevo Airport. Two-sided printing makes it possible to display an advertising theme on both sides: from both the outside and the inside of the terminal, from the platform where passengers arrive from Belorussky Rail Terminal, while the terminal’s location enables covering the entire auto traffic flow entering the territory of Sheremetyevo. Thus, the new format combines the properties of both indoor and outdoor advertising and provides for equal success in terms of attracting the attention of people arriving at the airport by car or bus, as well as Aeroexpress passengers. At the moment, one of two possible sides of the terminal’s facade – the south side – has been adapted for the purposes of branding.

“The area of advertising surface exceeds 2,145 sq metres. This is perhaps the biggest advertising media available, not only at Sheremetyevo, but also at any airport in the Moscow Aviation Cluster”,commented Rustam Akiniazov, Chief Commercial Officer of Aeroexpress“Moreover, it is a kind of a hybrid of indoor and outdoor formats, which, together with the media’s enormous area, presents a significant competitive advantage for the new advertising format. One cannot avoid paying attention to such advertising media.”

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The number of passengers using Aeroexpress services is constantly growing, as eloquently demonstrated by the company's statistics. Thus, passenger flows, and, hence, the advertising audience, on Moscow Aeroexpress routes has grown by 13.2%, amounting to 16.8 million people as of 2013. Considering the fact that there is high demand among advertisers to target air passengers as their audience, Aeroexpress has no doubts about the huge popularity of the new format.

2013 saw a number of colourful and memorable advertising projects involving Aeroexpress trains, such as advertising campaigns supported by the MasterCard global payment system and the Alpari forex broker. MasterCard’s advertisements, based on innovative MasterCard PayPass® technology, enabling one-touch payments, have been affixed to windows inside Aeroexpress trains. MasterCard has noted the campaign’s high efficiency, as well as the unprecedented growth of fare payment transactions using PayPass technology. The main feature of Alpari’s advertising campaign is that its layouts have been placed on the railcars’ ceilings, making it possible to attract the audience’s attention in such an unusual way and enabling the brand’s communication message to be successfully broadcast to passengers.

Aeroexpress’ rolling stock and terminals comprise an unparalleled advertising platform, which has already achieved a high professional assessment by both independent branding and marketing experts and advertisers themselves, who were able to evaluate the advantages of this system in practice.

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