May 26, 2014 - Aeroexpress to Introduce New Timetable on 1 June

Aeroexpress to Introduce New Timetable on 1 June

May 26, 2014

As of 1 June 2014, Aeroexpress will introduce amendments to the 2014-2015 train timetable. Extra services have been added and, on a number of routes, the time intervals between them have been reduced.

Aeroexpress strives to make every effort to improve the quality of passenger services and to provide the most comfortable travel conditions. That is why, after a thorough review of the existing timetable, the company’s management decided to reduce the intervals between services on particular routes during peak hours, and also to introduce additional trains in the morning and at night.

Thus, the changes will affect trains servicing the Sheremetyevo route. During peak hours, Aeroexpress trains will depart every 20 minutes. Trains travelling from Belorussky Rail Terminal to Sheremetyevo Airport will depart at 8:20, 8:40, 17:20, and 17:40, while those travelling in the opposite direction will depart from Sheremetyevo at 9:20, 9:40, 18:20, and 18:40.

The Domodedovo route is also subject to changes: two additional services will be added in the morning and at night. One extra night train will depart from Paveletsky Rail Terminal to Domodedovo Airport at 00:30, and another one will depart from Domodedovo Airport at 06:30 in the morning.

The train timetable for the company's regional routes has also been changed. In particular, Aeroexpress trains in Kazan will run to a new timetable as of 1 June: those services, which earlier departed at 10, 15, and 20 minutes, will then begin departing at the top of the hour. Thus, the train to Kazan International Airport will depart at 0:00 instead of 00:15, and trains running in the opposite direction will depart at 15:00, 17:00, and 23:00 instead of 15:10, 17:10, and 23:20. Moreover, as of 1 June 2014, Aeroexpress will introduce an additional intermediate stop at Yubileynaya Station on the route connecting the city’s central rail terminal and Kazan International Airport.

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