Apr 28, 2014 - “Honest taxi drivers recommend Aeroexpress” Video Awarded at White Square Festival

“Honest taxi drivers recommend Aeroexpress” Video Awarded at White Square Festival

Apr 28, 2014

On 24–26 April, Minsk hosted the VI International Advertising and Marketing Festival “White Square”. The “Honest taxi drivers recommend Aeroexpress. Lie Detector” video ad came in second place in the Internet Video category.

The large-scale advertising campaign entitled “Honest taxi drivers recommend Aeroexpress” has become a landmark in the Russian marketing world. The campaign included a series of video ads and radio spots, outdoor advertising, and advertising on taxis. The first stage of the campaign was marked by 60 billboards placed along Moscow streets and carrying a concise “Honest cabbies Recommend Aeroexpress” slogan. These were followed by video and radio commercials, as well as advertising on yellow taxis.

In December 2013, the “Honest taxi drivers recommend Aeroexpress. Lie Detector” video was among the TOP 13 video ads chosen by both readers and editors of AdMe.ru portal. The “Lie Detector” video represents a part of the “Honest taxi drivers recommend Aeroexpress” advertising campaign’s touching series, which included six video ads. The plot of each ad surrounds an individual dramatic sketch depicting the daily grind of the capital’s taxi drivers, who, at times, face a very difficult dilemma, caught between being honest and earning extra money. Each video ends with the main heroes admitting that it is indeed quicker to reach the airport on an Aeroexpress train. The main hero of the “Lie Detector” ad is applying for a job with an exemplary taxi company. And the only thing he could say truthfully was that getting to the airport by Aeroexpress was faster. This video has been one of the most popular ads on the Internet for over six months now. Stories about honest taxi drivers who have been part of Aeroexpress’ marketing campaign received positive responses, both from specialists in the field of advertising and ordinary viewers.

That is why the “Lie Detector” video’s recognition as being among the best at the White Square Marketing and Advertising Festival has become a kind of natural evidence of the success of the campaign itself, as well as indicating the creativity and innovative solutions developed by Aeroexpress in realizing their marketing objectives. It should be noted that, this year, the festival saw a record number of entries – more than one and a half thousand, while there was stiff competition for the victory in all 122 nomination categories among representatives of 21 different countries.

The VI Festival’s entries were judged by an international jury of eight main teams, comprised of a total of 63 persons. The jury consisted of internationally recognized persons in the field of advertising, and laureates of prestigious awards at international advertising festivals. The level of refereeing for the White Square Festival corresponded to international standards; victory at the Festival is among the ratings of creativity festivals, such as the Belarusian Association of Advertising Organizations, the Russian Association of Communication Agencies, and the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition.

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