Mar 4, 2014 - Aeroexpress in Vladivostok Welcomes Millionth Passenger

Aeroexpress in Vladivostok Welcomes Millionth Passenger

Mar 4, 2014

In March 2014, Aeroexpress has set a company record by carrying its millionth passenger in Vladivostok. To welcome the millionth passenger is a remarkable event for every carrier.

Anatoly Gorchakov is a Senior Research Scientist at the Water Management Institute. That day, he decided to use the Aeroexpress service to the airport to meet his wife Lidiya, who was returning home from Seoul. When buying a ticket at the rail terminal, the ticket officer informed him that he was the millionth passenger. On this occasion, Mr. Shibanov, Deputy Director of Aeroexpress in Vladivostok, presented Anatoly with an iPad and a celebratory certificate, confirming he was the one-millionth passenger.

Anatoly Gorchakov works in Vladivostok and lives in the village of Trudovoy. Therefore, Aeroexpress trains have become a real solution for him.

“I use Aeroexpress services almost every day,” he says. “Travelling home is now faster - only 33 minutes instead of 1.5 tiresome hours on the bus. Moreover, there are 44 stops during a single bus trip, but only one stop along the train route.”

According to statistics, Aeroexpress carried a total of 721,500 passengers in Vladivostok in 2013. Intermodal services in Vladivostok were put into operation in July 2012. Currently, there are ten pairs of Aeroexpress trains serving the route between Vladivostok and Knevichi Airport. They run with three intermediate stops at the stations in Vtoraya Rechka, Ugolnaya, and Artyom.

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