Sep 23, 2013 - Aeroexpress Named Among the Top 10 Audio Branding Projects

Aeroexpress Named Among the Top 10 Audio Branding Projects

Sep 23, 2013

On 28 November 2013, the 5th Audio Branding Award for the best audio branding project will be held in Moscow within the framework of the Audio Branding Congress 2013. The Aeroexpress company, which was the first in the Russian rail market to use its own audio identity, has been named among the top ten contenders for the ‘Best Project’ title in this field.

In early 2013, Aeroexpress became the first Russian railway carrier to use its own audio identity – an audio logo supplementing the company's corporate identity. The audio image for the Aeroexpress brand was developed together with Radar Advertising Solutions, and now it accompanies terminals and train services in Moscow, Kazan and Vladivostok. The trademark audio motif includes a brand theme, hold music for the company’s telephone system, short jingles, voice announcement, and tunes for using in radio and television commercials. Aeroexpress’ distinctive audio image complements the company’s overall image, making it a fully developed and easily recognizable, and establishing a deep emotional connection with passengers.

“Any modern brand strives to be as recognizable as possible, and not only visually,” commented Rustam Akiniazov, Chief Commercial Officer of Aeroexpress. “That is why we decided to complement Aeroexpress’ visual image with vivid and memorable sound themes, which will become yet another calling card for the company”.

While working on the Aeroexpress audio logo, specialists carried out an analysis of global transportation brands’ audio identity, and also determined patterns and preferences. Later, as the result of the brand’s strategic analysis, they derived an audio message conveying the three concepts of comfortable, modern, and on time”. Using both musical instruments and studio techniques, specialists created an audio logo that conveys all these concepts through sound.

“It was a great pleasure to work with Aeroexpress team; the decision to create the company’s own sound identity is a very bold and modern move. This is a big step for the industry as a whole,” commented Ildar Zaynetdinov, Strategic Director of Radar. “At present, I cannot think of any similar cases in Russia”.

The Aeroexpress trademark audio motif is highly estimated by the Audio Branding Academy and was named among the top ten contenders for the “Best Project” title. On a Russian scale, this is the first and only example on the global market in the audio branding category. The Fifth Audio Branding Award ceremony for the best audio branding project was organized by the Audio Branding Academy (Hamburg, Germany), together with Russian DigiSky (a leader in audio processing in the Russian Federation), the State University – Higher School of Economics (Moscow), and the Humboldt University of Berlin (Berlin, Germany).

The slogan of the Audio Branding Congress is “The possibilities of sound”. It's about the new possibilities for using both sound and silence in brand communications, as well as the promising conditions that exist for business development on the Russian market. This event has previously taken place in Hamburg, New York and Oxford.

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