Nov 29, 2010 - Aeroexpress and MegaFon to Implement Communication Services in Electric Trains

Aeroexpress and MegaFon to Implement Communication Services in Electric Trains

Nov 29, 2010

Aeroexpress, a company carrying passengers between Moscow and the Moscow Airline Hub airports (Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo), and MegaFon OJSC, the first all-Russian mobile network operator, signed the Agreement on Cooperation for Development of the Telecommunications Infrastructure and Services. Now passengers using the Aeroexpress services will get high-speed access to the Internet and other cellular communication services.

The Agreement on Cooperation between the companies implies formation of strategic partnership in order to create additional advantages for their customers and to strengthen their positions in the market.

MegaFon OJSC becomes an official partner of Aeroexpress LLC and a provider of Wi-Fi communication services and Internet access in the electric train cars. Besides, MegaFon OJSC will be taking care of creation and maintenance of the infrastructure along the electric train routes.

Thanks to the efforts of the two parties by summer 2011 passengers of all the Moscow aeroexpresses will be able to use high-quality mobile communication services, as well as Wi-Fi Internet access, throughout their ride.

On the basis of conditions of the Agreement MegaFon OJSC will be providing communication services to Aeroexpress passengers according to the company's effective rates. Aeroexpress passengers traveling in business class cars will get free Internet access.

MegaFon OJSC continues development of the M2M direction and will create within its partnership with Aeroexpress LLC a state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure of trains to transmit technological information to the Aeroexpress Unified Dispatch Center. Unified Dispatch Center operators will monitor online the technical state of the rolling stock, the processes of electric train traffic management, the safety of transportation and the services quality control.

"Our cooperation with MegaFon will allow us to solve many tasks Aeroexpress has been facing for a long time through the use of high-tech, modern and reliable information and communication management systems. However first of all we'd like to make sure our customers feel as comfortable as possible during their ride and now it becomes possible due to arrangements between Aeroexpress and MegaFon. Aeroexpress passengers will be able to access communication services meeting the highest modern requirements, such as high-speed Internet access. As a matter of fact, around one million passengers use Aeroexpress services on a monthly basis many of them being business people who just need to always be available", said Chief Commercial Officer of Aeroexpress LLC Rustam Akiniyazov.

"We are constantly working on extension of the possibilities of application of communication services and on making the best use of their advantage for the benefit of our customers. Our partnership with Aeroexpress  LLC means not only provision of services to passengers of the trains, it also the comfort and safety ensured by technological solutions which we'll be developing within the scope of the M2M direction together with our partners", said First Deputy Director of the Moscow Branch of MegaFon OJSC Igor Akulinin.

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