Oct 11, 2010 - Aeroexpress presented its own instruments to Sky Express sales agents

Aeroexpress presented its own instruments to Sky Express sales agents

Oct 11, 2010

Aeroexpress took part in a mutual event with Vnukovo International Airport and Sky Express airline on October 11, 2010. The event was targeted at airline ticket sales agents, with the aim of demonstrating potential ways to expand cooperation with them.

At the event in Kievsky Train Station, Aeroexpress representatives made a presentation about the company’s business and its instruments for organizing sales of train ticket through sales agents. The event participants (there were about 40 sales agent companies present) were able to get answers to all their questions directly from Aeroexpress representatives.

Aeroexpress is currently working actively with sales agents who offer electronic tickets and boarding passes on trains to and from Moscow airports. Aeroexpress has more than 100 sales agent company partners who sell Aeroexpress services. These partners include the largest airlines, travel agents, hotel agents, and air and railway agencies). Altogether these partners have about 1,000 points of sale of tourist services and airline tickets all over Russia.

The participants of the event were able to see the convenience of Aeroexpress’ modern intermodal transportation system connecting Vnukovo Airport with Kievsky Train Station in the city center using high-speed trains. Aeroexpress trains take passengers from Kievsky Train Station to the underground train terminal at Vnukovo International Airport in just 35 minutes. The underground train terminal at Vnukovo International Airport is located directly by Vnukovo’s plane terminals.

A special excursion was organized for event guests to the Vnukovo-1 (A, B, and D) terminals at Vnukovo Airport. On the excursion guests got to see how the airport terminal complex works. The event guests were also shown all the main elements of airport terminals. The excursion route featured the check-in area, VIP rooms, baggage claim, and arrival and departure zones. Vnukovo Airport specialists explained in detail to their guests about the advantages of the new terminal A, as well as about further development plans for the airport complex. The last part of the event was to visit the postal-cargo complex at Vnukovo Airport, which celebrated its one year anniversary since being put into operation.

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