Sep 22, 2010 - Aeroexpress prepared a gift for the 140-year anniversary of the Belorussky Train Station

Aeroexpress prepared a gift for the 140-year anniversary of the Belorussky Train Station

Sep 22, 2010

Aeroexpress prepared a unique gift for all Moscow city residents and the city's guests for the 140-year birthday of the Belorussky Railway Station. Aeroexpress opened an exhibition of art works by modern Russian artists and photographers entitled «Belorussky Railway Station: Greatness, Beauty and Inspiration» at the station on September 19.

Шалаев Алексей — «Вид на площадь Тверская застава и Белорусский вокзал»

Belorussky Railway Station is undoubtedly a great monument of engineering art. Built in a neo-classicist style with elements of fake gothic and empire styles, the train station is very expressive. The station attracts the eye of artists and is a source of inspiration for them. Historically the Belorussky Railway Station was and still is a creative place. Wall paintings by I.I. Novinsky and F.I. Rerberg were partially stored in the station.

Выставка «Аэроэкспресс» к 140-летию Белорусского вокзала

For the average person a train station means crowds of people, suitcases, people rushing… Each person has their own path, their own road. Each person measures the earth himself. In the paintings the Belorussky Railway Station is shown in an unusual perspective: people come and go, rush somewhere. The train station looks at them with stately dignity. Their life is just a moment. The life of the station is eternal.

The exhibition, organized in the Aeroexpress terminal, will go until the end of autumn. Each visitor can visit the exhibition and see the development of one of the largest train stations in Moscow.

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