Hot line number
8-800-700-33-77. The call is free of charge from all regions of Russia.
Dear passengers, beginning on September 24th and until the 28th (inclusive), the actual time of train departure from Kievsky station towards Vnukovo airport shall be 15:27 (regular scheduled departure time is 15:30).

Aeroexpress rail terminal will become part of Sheremetyevo Airport’s single Southern Terminal Complex

Mar 2, 2010

Ahead of the seasonal growth of air passenger traffic, a linking gallery equipped with moving walkways – travelators – will be opened to link the Aeroexpress terminal and Terminal D in Sheremetyevo Airport.

The new linking gallery will maximally reduce passengers' walk to Terminal D releasing them from the necessity of taking shuttle buses or taxis. The gallery can be reached through the new Terminal E adjoining the Aeroexpress terminal.

Terminal E is to accept the first passengers at the end of March 2010. The new terminal will interlink the Aeroexpress terminal and the airport’s Terminal F (Sheremetyevo 2).

Therefore, for the convenience and uninterrupted terminal-to-terminal travel of passengers, a single operational complex will be created, the Aeroexpress rail terminal becoming part of Sheremetyevo Airport’s Southern Terminal Group.

Let us remind that Aeroexpress delivers passengers from the center of Moscow (Belorussky Railway Station) to Sheremetyevo Airport in just 35 minutes. The Aeroexpress terminal where the trains arrive is in close proximity to Terminal F at the airport land side. To get there, one can use a ground-level walkway gallery (a 7-minute walk) arranged at the same level of Terminal F’s departure lounge. Besides, free shuttle busses are running between the rail terminal and the airport’s Terminals D, 1(B) and C.