Aug 26, 2013 - Aeroexpress Terminal to Boast New Look This Autumn

Aeroexpress Terminal to Boast New Look This Autumn

Aug 26, 2013

23 August 2013, Moscow – Aeroexpress has begun reconstructing its terminal at Sheremetyevo International airport, which is both a transportation hub and a retail and restaurant complex. The total area under reconstruction is more than 1,000 square meters. All works should be completed by 1 November 2013.

During this period, Aeroexpress’ infrastructure, such as banks, ticket vending machines and information desks will also be upgraded. The terminal will benefit from a completely new, dynamic information and navigation system, which will allow passengers to quickly learn how much time remains before their train's departure, the time for passing through the security check at the entrance to the airport, travel time from the Aeroexpress terminal’s shopping gallery to other airport terminals, as well as registration desks. All of this will allow passengers to navigate through the large space of the terminal complex better and faster, allowing them to quickly find objects of interest, and to save and use their time effectively.

As part of the terminal’s reconstruction, the retail and food facilities will also undergo renovation. Once completed, the Aeroexpress terminal will feature all types of restaurant concepts. This will include the opening of a Burger King fast food restaurant, the popular chain Shokoladnitsa’s cafe will feature a new design, and the Starbucks coffee house will resume its services. The Aeroexpress terminal already offers several food facilities: passengers can have a bite in the Kroshka-Kartoshka fast food cafe, Papa John’s American Pizzeria, Muchachos Mexican grill bar, enjoy a variety of Pelmeni, and try delicious desserts at both Cinnabon and Dunkin 'Donuts.

“The renovation of the Aeroexpress terminal at Sheremetyevo is one of the steps towards creating more comfortable conditions for our passengers at a time when passenger traffic is growing,” says Rustam Akiniazov, Chief Commercial Officer at Aeroexpress. “Changes to the existing complex are being made in accordance with suggestions from our passengers and foreign consultants’ expert opinion with respect to the arrangement of modern air-rail terminals. We are developing a retail space with maximum capacity and arcade elements. This will obviously have commercial impact on revenue from rentals and enable the expansion of retail space. Most importantly, the terminal’s renovation will help create a comfortable passenger zone where people can enjoy their time while waiting for their train and do some shopping on the way to airport terminals."

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