Jul 2, 2013 - Aeroexpress Congratulates Honest Taxi Drivers on Their Professional Day

Aeroexpress Congratulates Honest Taxi Drivers on Their Professional Day

Jul 2, 2013

2 July 2013, Moscow. – Aeroexpress held an event dedicated to Taxi Driver’s Day. Last Friday, taxi drivers awaiting passengers at Aeroexpress terminals, located at Moscow rail terminals, were congratulated and presented with souvenirs

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A pleasant surprise awaited all taxi drivers delivering passengers to Aeroexpress terminals at the Belorussky, Paveletsky, and Kievsky Rail Terminals. At the terminal parking lots, drivers were welcomed by Aeroexpress representatives, who congratulated them on Taxi Driver’s Day. Along with smiles, sincere congratulations, and wishes of luck doing their tough job, the day’s surprised heroes also received signs of polite drivers, important attributes in a taxi driver’s work.

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The event coincided with Russia’s Taxi Driver’s Day, which has been celebrated every year since 1925, when the first sixteen taxi cabs appeared in Moscow. This event supports the idea of the “Honest Taxi Drivers Recommend Aeroexpress” advertising campaign, launched in April this year. The main heroes of this campaign are Moscow taxi drivers choosing to be honest to their passengers and deciding against driving passengers to the airport during traffic jams.

“This holiday event showed that the honest taxi drivers shown in our advertising movie really do exist, and that there are a lot of them. In just several morning peak hours, we congratulated over 500 taxi drivers delivering passengers to the Aeroexpress terminals,” commented Nadezhda Dorzhieva, Press Secretary of Aeroexpress. “Providing comfortable traveling conditions is our common task. We are glad to congratulate honest taxi drivers on their professional holiday and hope they will stick to their principles in the future.”

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