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Dear passengers, beginning on September 24th and until the 28th (inclusive), the actual time of train departure from Kievsky station towards Vnukovo airport shall be 15:27 (regular scheduled departure time is 15:30).

Aeroexpress Informs of Cancelling Two Pairs of Night Trains on Sheremetyevo Route

Jun 14, 2013

14 June 2013, Moscow – Due to the reconstruction work currently being performed on the Moscow Railroad, only two night Aeroexpress services will be cancelled between Belorussky Rail Terminal and Sheremetyevo Airport during the periods June 18-22 and June 24-29: trains departing from Sheremetyevo Airport to Belorussky Rail Terminal at 23:00 and 00:00, and trains departing from Belorussky Rail Terminal to Sheremetyevo Airport at 23:30 and 00:00.

“The changes made to the schedule have been thought out in such a way that they will minimally impact on the main passenger flow,” commented Nadezhda Dorzhieva, Press Secretary for Aeroexpress. “Night-time services are the ones involving the least number of passengers, so we hope that the trains cancelled at night will help minimise any inconvenience to passengers”.

Timetable changes have also been made with respect to three more pairs of trains. The trains departing from Sheremetyevo Airport at 22:30, 23:30, and 00:30 will now be departing at 22:35, 23:38, and 00:43 respectively. The trains departing from Belorussky Rail Terminal at 22:30, 23:00, and 00:30 will now be departing at 22:18, 23:26, and 00:33 respectively.

All other services will follow their regular schedule. Despite the changes made, Aeroexpress trains continue to be the best way to travel to the airport, in just 35 minutes without facing any traffic jams.

Aeroexpress kindly asks you to keep this information in mind when planning your trips and apologises for any inconvenience that may be caused.

For more details on timetable changes, please visit the company’s official website at