Oct 25, 2012 - Aeroexpress Top Management Named Among Best Managers in Russia

Aeroexpress Top Management Named Among Best Managers in Russia

Oct 25, 2012

On October 24, the Moscow International House of Music hosted the tenth anniversary of the ARISTOS-2012 Management Awards Ceremony, founded by the Russian Association of Managers. The ceremony was hosted by Fyokla Tolstaya and Yuri Kobaladze, while Olga Golodets, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation for Social Issues, welcomed all participants in ARISTOS 2012 in her opening speech. As the Deputy Prime Minister pointed out in her speech, “Since 1999, the year that the Russian Association of Managers was founded, I have been and always will be a member of the Association”. She continued, “thanks to such professional communities, everyone has an opportunity for career advancement”.

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The rating includes the “Top-1000 Russian Managers” and, for the first time this year, the “Top-1000 Regional Managers”. The names of two thousands of Russia’s best managers were published in the Kommersant newspaper on September 19, 2012. Aeroexpress is particularly proud of the fact that representatives of the company’s management were mentioned among the top ten managers in the national ranking.

Alexey Krivoruchko, Chief Executive Officer of Aeroexpress, was among the top ten in the Best Top Leaders rating (for the Transport category). Other awards were announced as follows: Roman Guda, Chief Financial Officer (Financial Directors rating); Rustam Akiniyazov, Chief Commercial Officer (Commercial Directors rating); Pavel Stepanets; Chief HR and Administrative Officer (HR Directors rating); Dmitry Khazov, Head of the Marketing Department (Marketing Directors rating); and Vadim Semikin, Director of Public Relations (Directors of Public and Corporate Affairs rating). They were also acknowledged among the best managers in the Transport professional category.


The Association of Managers "TOP-1000 Russian Managers" rating is a tool for the objective assessment of the professional reputation of Russia’s leading top managers. The rating reveals the most professional managers, who have been leaders in their industries and areas of expertise for the past year.

The rating is addressed to both representatives of the business community and other interested individuals. The rating is widely used by business and trade media, as well as domestic and foreign investors.

The ranking implies a simple and transparent methodology. It is based on “the best chooses the best” principle, which ensures an objective assessment of a manager’s professional reputation. An important feature of the "TOP-1000 Russian Managers" rating is the deep examination of all the preparation and implementation stages of the study.

The "TOP-1000 Russian Managers" results are the basis for determining nominees for the Aristos Awards, which was established by the Association of Managers.

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