Nov 24, 2011 - Aeroexpress Tickets Available in Every Town and City across Russia

Aeroexpress Tickets Available in Every Town and City across Russia

Nov 24, 2011

Although it is only possible so far to travel on Aeroexpress trains within the Moscow Region, passengers can now buy Aeroexpress tickets in almost every town and city across Russia.

Nearly every resident in Russia planning their flight to Moscow for a holiday or business trip can buy an Aeroexpress ticket in their home city or town. The location of every sales outlet can be viewed in the section ‘Passengers – Where to Buy’ on our website.

Buying Aeroexpress tickets is no longer limited to residents of large cities like Moscow, St Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, and Khabarovsk. Those who arrive at the capital from small towns like Aginskoye, Vagay, Pyt-Yakh, and others can also take advantage of this service. 193 cities and towns in 80 Russian regions are now represented on our website, and the list is constantly being updated.

The webpage is structured very conveniently, so passengers are easily able to search for the best place to buy tickets. All the cities and towns are listed alphabetically on the left, and there is a map showing the sales outlet on the right. By clicking on the outlet, the passenger can get more detailed information including the address and company name, as well as telephone number, working hours and website, if available.

For the convenience of passengers, boarding passes valid for up to 6 months are sold from sales outlets. The validity period is shown on the back of the ticket. Therefore, the traveller can pay for the journey in advance and use the ticket when they need it. We kindly remind passengers that tickets purchased from ticket offices at Aeroexpress terminals are valid for 24 hours after purchase.

“It is vital that our company meets the requirements of every potential customer, regardless of where in Russia they are,” says the Chief Executive Officer of Aeroexpress, Alexei Krivoruchko. “That is why the company is constantly improving the quality of services provided, from the modernization of the rolling stock to the expansion of retail service locations.”

Hot line number

8-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones).

8-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow).

The call is free of charge from all regions of Russia.

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