Contactless Payments

Rules for Contactless Payments at Aeroexpress Turnstiles

How to Use the Service

To pay your fare and pass through the turnstile, you only need to place your bank/transport card (hereinafter referred to as the Card) or mobile device against the reader located at the top of the turnstile and marked with a yellow circle. The required amount will be automatically withdrawn from your account in accordance with valid fares.

Contactless Payment Conditions

To make payments, you can use the following:

• MasterCard, Maestro, MIR, Union Pay or Visa international payment system bank cards that use contactless payment technology;

• A mobile device with host card emulation (HCE technology) and the NFC function enabled;

• A Troika transport card;

• A mobile device with Samsung Pay service;

• A mobile device with Apple Pay service;

• A mobile device with Mobile Ticket service;

• Bank card + Troika co-branding card

To successfully complete the contactless payment, you need to have a valid Card and a sufficient balance on the card account (at least the price of one ticket).

1. The bank card, with contactless payment technology, must support cryptographic CDA verification (you can verify this information with your issuing bank).

2. The bank card, with contactless payment technology, must support a payment limit that DOES NOT REQUIRE A PIN ENTRY.

If your card does not support cryptographic CDA verification and/or payment transactions using contactless technology without requiring PIN ENTRY, you will not be able to carry out a payment transaction at the turnstile.

From 26 October 2013, PayPass Mag Stripe bank cards are no longer accepted as a payment option.

To avoid any issues with the payment at the turnstiles when you are at the airport, it is recommended that you check the outstanding balance on the card you plan to pay with in advance.

Peculiarities of contactless payments

The service is available for trips on standard class carriages.

Payment by bank cards at the turnstiles is temporarily unavailable for the following trips:
- from Sheremetyevo Airport to the Okruzhnaya, Savyolovskaya, Begovaya, Testovskaya, Fili, Slavyansky Boulevard, Kuznetskaya, Rabochy Posyolok, Setun', Nemchinovka, Skolkovo, Bakovka, and Odintsovo;
- from Domodedovo Airport to the Verkny Kotly station.

Depending on your Card’s issuing bank, it can take up to 15 seconds for the turnstile gates to open. If they do not open within 15 seconds, please check the status of your Card. To do so, please visit the Aeroexpress ticket office or place your Card/mobile device to the validator located on the platforms at Domodedovo, Vnukovo, and Sheremetyevo airports. The screen should display information regarding the reasons your Card has been stop-listed and how it is possible for you to remove it from the stop list.

Particular peculiarities of payments using the Card:

• Once you have paid for your ticket using a Troika card, it cannot be used again for another two minutes.

• When you use your Bank card + Troika co-branding card, funds are withdrawn from the Troika e-wallet. If the Troika card’s balance is insufficient, funds are withdrawn from the bank card.

Documents confirming the provision of services paid for by using the contactless payment service

In the case that you used the contactless payment service and require a document to confirm this, you should visit the company’s ticket office in person, provide your Card and a piece of identification, and obtain an audit coupon. Otherwise, you can place your Card/mobile device on a validator, located on the platforms at Domodedovo, Vnukovo, and Sheremetyevo airports, and obtain the coupon this way.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that such an audit coupon is not a travel document. Please purchase tickets from ticket offices or Aeroexpress ticket vending machines in order to obtain a standard-issue hard-copy document.

Inquiries and claims

To obtain reference information on using bank cards for contactless payments at Aeroexpress turnstiles and to share any suggestions regarding this service, feel free to visit the Aeroexpress information counter or call the hotline at:

+7-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones. The call is free of charge from all regions of Russia.).
+7-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow).

To avoid any money withdrawal issues, travellers entitled to receive social services funded from federal or regional budgets, and who have PAY PASS social cards with the option of making contactless payments at the turnstile, should visit Aeroexpress ticket offices at the departure station in order to obtain a free ticket.

Hot line number

8-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones).

8-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow).

The call is free of charge from all regions of Russia.

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