Hot line number
+7-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones).
+7-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow).
The call is free of charge from all regions of Russia.
Hot line number
+7-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones).
+7-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow).
The call is free of charge from all regions of Russia.
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From December 17 to December 19 there are some timetable changes for the train services running along the Sheremetyevo routes. For more details, visit the Timetable section on our website or contact +7 800 700 3377.

Aeroexpress e-Ticketing Terms and Conditions

Terms & Abbreviations

Aeroexpress: the limited liability company Aeroexpress.

Ticket: an e-document of a proper form, confirming that Aeroexpress and a Passenger have come to an agreement of transportation at one of the fares available to the Passenger in his/her User Account.

Business Class Carriage: an Aeroexpress train deluxe carriage where one can enjoy increased leg room and more spacious seat layout (4 seats per row installed according to a 2+2 design). Such carriages are equipped with baggage racks, toilets, and a free Wi-Fi network, in addition to free business press and soft drinks.

Standard Class Carriage: an Aeroexpress train carriage with a standard seat layout (5 seats per row installed according to a 3+2 design) and a walk-through passage through the train. Such carriages are equipped with baggage racks, toilets, and a Wi-Fi network.

Website: Aeroexpress’ information resource at

Order: one or more tickets issued to and paid for at once by a purchaser. One order may include several tickets at the same fare (Standard, Round-Trip, Business, etc.) There may be a maximum of ten (10) Tickets per Order.

User Account: a customer’s personalised workspace on the App or Website where the customer can order/pay for services, look through his/her order history, obtain personal data, etc.

App: a mobile app that is Aeroexpress’ specialised service programme, which is used to quickly purchase Tickets and obtain information from Aeroexpress and is installed on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). The app is available via the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

Passenger: a person with a valid Ticket.

Fare Concept: an approved document containing information about fares and conditions of purchasing tickets to travel on Aeroexpress trains.

Turnstile: a device that allows Passengers to enter and exit Aeroexpress stations located at Moscow airports.

Feedback Form: a form available on the website for Passengers and other persons to contact Aeroexpress.

Aeroexpress Train: an electric train used by Aeroexpress to transport Passengers between the city and the airports.

SMS: a short text message sent via a phone.


In accordance with Articles 435 and 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, these Terms and Conditions represent an official public offer by the limited liability company Aeroexpress and define a procedure and all material conditions for ordering, issuing, receiving, exchanging, and returning Tickets.

In accordance with Article 435 and Paragraph 2, Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, this offer shall be considered accepted in the case that a ticket purchaser accepts all conditions in full and unconditionally, without any exceptions and/or limitations, and in accordance with the Civil Code, and it shall be treated as a bilateral written agreement executed by the parties for the provision of services (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Agreement’) under the conditions described below in this offer.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree with the Aeroexpress Conditions of Carriage.

Purchasing tickets

Step 1. Placing an order

Up to 10 Tickets can be issued and purchased in one Order at one of the Aeroexpress fares.

Select the parameters for your trip, such as the date, fare, and number of Tickets. Confirm that you consent to these Terms and Conditions and select a payment method.

Tickets can be purchased in accordance with the approved Aeroexpress Fare System at the fares available to purchase via the Website and App. All applicable fares, prices, conditions of purchasing and using Tickets are described in the Aeroexpress Fare System.

See applicable fares here.

Step 2. Receiving an order

Specify your valid email address and mobile phone number, to which a message with the link to your Ticket will be sent. Both your phone number and email must be provided.

The Passenger shall be responsible for the accuracy of the phone number and email provided, as well as the transfer of data specified on Tickets to any third parties.

Step 3. Personal data

Fill in the Passenger’s personal data (full name and identity document number).

An individual’s full name and identity document details must be provided in compliance with Paragraph 3.4, Order No. 322 ‘On Defining Railway e-Ticket Forms’, issued by the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport on 21 August 2012 and Paragraph 78.2 ‘Conditions of Rail Carriage for Passengers, Baggage, and Cargo Luggage’, approved by Order No. 473, issued by the Russian Ministry of Transport on 19 December 2013.

See more on the security of personal and other data.

The following documents can be used as identity documents:

• Russian passport;

• ID (for foreign citizens);

• Foreign passport;

• Military card number or seafarer’s ID;

• Birth certificate (for children);

• Temporary ID of a Russian citizen (Form 2P);

• Diplomatic passport.

If you purchase a Ticket for a third person, you need to specify his/her full name and identity document number.

For Passengers’ convenience, it is possible to register a User Account on the Website. To do so, you need to fill in the registration form and confirm your contact details. For Ticket purchasers who have not registered a User Account themselves, one is created automatically upon first purchase of a Ticket. Access to this User Account is provided via a link that is automatically sent to the email provided by the purchaser and according to the instructions sent together with the link. Use your valid email to register a User Account. In the case that you need to recover your password, you will receive an email with new login information.

See more on the Aeroexpress PRIVILEGE Programme.

Step 4. Paying for an order

Select a payment system and pay for the Ticket(s) you ordered, following the requirements of the selected payment system.

The RURU payment platform is used to transfer payments for Tickets purchased via the Website and App.

The following payment options are available:

• Bank card, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, MIR, and JCB;

• Mobile phone account with beeline.

Step 5. Completing an order

To view your Ticket, open the email you received or use the link sent to your mobile phone number. You need to print the Ticket you received by email.

To pass through the Turnstile with the Ticket you received on your mobile phone, put the screen of your mobile phone onto the reader with the Ticket’s QR code facedown.

Your obligation to pay for the Ticket(s) shall be considered fulfilled after you receive a message from the corresponding payment system, confirming successful payment completion.

Aeroexpress’ obligation to provide you with the Ticket(s) shall be considered fulfilled after a link to the Ticket(s) is sent to the email you provided or messaged to your phone number in an SMS. A copy of the message sent to you with a link to the Ticket and saved by Aeroexpress shall be sufficient confirmation that it has been sent.

According to Federal Law No. 54 ‘On the Application of Cash Register Equipment when Carrying Out Settlements in the Russian Federation’, a Passenger purchasing a Ticket to travel on an Aeroexpress train shall receive a copy fiscal receipt that can be provided to their accounting department for the reimbursement of travel expenses.

A receipt copy can be sent as follows:

1. To the email address specified upon purchasing Tickets;

2. To the website of the fiscal data operator Takskom at To open the receipt, it is necessary to specify a document’s fiscal mark and the Order amount specified on the Ticket;

3. In an email with a special link to the e-copy of the fiscal receipt.

Paying for tickets by bank card

Payments are made via the RURU payment system. You can pay for Tickets using your Visa, MasterCard, or MIR bank card.

The following fields should be filled in when you choose to pay by bank card:

• Card number;

• Card validity;

• Card holder’s name;


The transaction failure may be due to the following reasons:

• The purchaser’s issuing bank does not support the applied payment processing technology;

• The card balance is insufficient to pay for the Ticket;

• The purchaser’s issuing bank prohibits online payments.

If the payment was successfully completed but you received no subsequent access to the paid Ticket, please contact the Aeroexpress Customer Support Service via the hotline at +7-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones); +7-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow) or using the e-Ticketing Customer Support feedback form on the Website.

Holders of cards from the Visa, MasterCard, MIR and Union Pay international payment systems that support contactless payment technologies, such as PayPass, payWave, and QuickPass, can pay the Aeroexpress fare directly at Turnstiles. The aforesaid cards have a corresponding payWave, PayPass or QuickPass sign on them.

To pay your fare and pass through the Turnstile, you only need to place the following on the reader located at the top of the Turnstile and marked with a yellow circle:

• a bank card, with contactless payment technology;

• a mobile device (smartphone) with an activated ApplePay or AndroidPay option (a bank card shall be added);

• a Troika transport card.

An amount equal to one standard fare will be withdrawn from your bank account.

If your card does not support cryptographic CDA verification and/or payment transactions using contactless technology without requiring PIN ENTRY, you will not be able to carry out a payment transaction at the Turnstile (contact your issuing bank to learn more about your bank card options).

To avoid any issues with the payment at the Turnstiles when you are at the airport, we recommend checking the outstanding balance on the card you plan to pay with in advance.

PayPass Mag Stripe bank cards are not accepted as a payment option.


Aeroexpress e-Ticket

Please note that, in the case you purchase several Tickets, the price of one Ticket at the selected fare and the total amount of your Order will be specified on the Ticket.

If you select a Ticket version for mobile devices, make sure that it is displayed correctly on your phone. To do so:

• Make sure that the internet connection you are using operates without failure;

• Follow the link in the SMS you received, showing your proof of payment.

The opened page must display the electronic ticket with the barcode. Tickets received on mobile phones shall not be printed out. In the case that the barcode is not displayed, contact the Aeroexpress Customer Support Service via the hotline at +7-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones); +7-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow) or using the e-Ticketing Customer Support feedback form.

For Passengers’ convenience, purchased Tickets can be sent again to the email or another mobile phone number. Tickets without barcodes will not be checked.

To pass through the Turnstile, you can use either a paper-printed Ticket or the Ticket shown on the screen of your mobile device. To pass through the Turnstile, put the Ticket’s barcode onto the reader and wait until the Turnstile opens. When the barcode is being read, do not confirm any Apple Pay or Google Pay payments as this results in the withdrawal of funds from your bank card for passing through the Turnstile, without using the previously purchased Ticket.

e-Ticket fiscal receipt

e-Ticket fiscal receipt

A fiscal receipt is a strict reporting document, but it is not valid for passing through the Aeroexpress turnstile.

User account

You can register your User Account on the Website by filling in all fields on the corresponding registration form. The User Account enables you to:

• View your payment history;

• Print Tickets;

• Edit registration data;

• Receive personalised Aeroexpress fare offers.

• Participate in the Aeroexpress PRIVILEGE Programme. and obtain bonus points for every purchased ticket;

You may recover a forgotten password via the relevant form in your User Account on the Website.

Passengers who registered via the App can access their Website User Account automatically using the same login and password.

Ticket recovery

In the case of Ticket data loss, it may be recovered within its validity period. This can be done:

• Passengers themselves via their User Account on the Website;

• Via the hotline at +7-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones); +7-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow).

• Using the e-Ticketing Customer Support feedback form.

Exchanging & returning tickets

Purchased Tickets are not subject to return or exchange, except for cases shown in the fare description or specified in effective regulations.

According to Clause 98, Order No. 473 issued by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation on 19 December 2013 ‘Conditions of Rail Carriage for Passengers, Baggage, and Cargo’ (registered by the Department of Justice on 24 July 2014 under No. 33244), unused one-way tickets to travel on suburban trains without an assigned seat are not subject to refund. A full refund is only provided, if Aeroexpress trains have not travelled for more than one hour, due to an unscheduled maintenance break. Passengers can be given a full refund on their unused one-way suburban train ticket only within the period of the unscheduled maintenance break at the departure station.

Consent to receive messages

By accepting the e-Ticketing Terms and Conditions, you agree to receive information about purchased Tickets, informational messages, personal fare offers, and other information related to the promotion of Aeroexpress services using the personal data you provided, in particular your mobile phone number and email address. Aeroexpress ensures the safety and security of personal data in accordance with effective laws of the Russian Federation.


Claims submitted to Aeroexpress with respect to ordering, issuing, obtaining, exchanging and returning Tickets shall be considered in the cases stipulated herein and only if the claimant provides the email address that was used upon purchasing the Ticket.

Claims can be sent via the Feedback Form, on the Website. The period for considering Passengers’ claims shall not exceed thirty (30) days from the date they were received by Aeroexpress.

Aeroexpress is not a communications operator and does not provide any communications services to third parties. Therefore, Aeroexpress cannot guarantee a smooth internet connection and the continuously high speed of wireless data communication along the routes it operates.

Contact details

You can send your questions, comments, suggestions and proposals related to ordering, issuing, receiving, exchanging and returning Tickets as follows:

• Via the Feedback Form on the Website, by selecting e-Tickets via the Website or e-Tickets via the App;

• By calling +7-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones); +7-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow), 09:00am to 09:00pm Moscow time. Calls made from within Russia are free of charge.