Hot line number
+7-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones).
+7-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow).
The call is free of charge from all regions of Russia.
Hot line number
+7-800-700-33-77 (calls from Russia and mobile phones).
+7-495-663-84-10 (calls from Moscow).
The call is free of charge from all regions of Russia.
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From December 17 to December 19 there are some timetable changes for the train services running along the Sheremetyevo routes. For more details, visit the Timetable section on our website or contact +7 800 700 3377.

How to buy tickets on Aeroexpress website?

Version of document up to 20 August 2018

You can buy ticket for comfortable Aeroexpress trains right from your home. It is sufficient to have Internet access and be a client of one of the payment systems supported. Purchase of e-tickets via the website saves you a significant amount of time. You can buy them in advance and without any extra fees.

If you travel on Aeroexpress for business purposes, and you need to provide your ticket to your accounts department so that they can refund your travel expenses, we recommend that you buy tickets from the ticket offices or Aeroexpress ticket vending machines. Tickets issued in this way are both valid for passing through the Aeroexpress turnstiles, and are also compliant with accounting requirements.

By accepting the rules of purchasing electronic tickets, you agree with the Conditions of Carriage.


Ticket payment methods:

RURU payment system

Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and MIR bank cards.

Payments from the user’s mobile phone balance (Beeline).


Ticket purchase via the website

Step 1. Date and direction

Standard tickets

Select the parameters of your trip, including the date, fare, and number of tickets. Agree to the E Ticketing Terms and Conditions and proceed to Select Payment Method. You can purchase Aeroexpress tickets in advance on the company’s website 90 days before the journey. A ticket is valid on the date specified thereon.

Round-trip tickets

Select the parameters of your trip, including the date, fare, and number of tickets. Agree to the E Ticketing Terms and Conditions and proceed to Select Payment Method. You can purchase Aeroexpress tickets in advance on the company’s website 90 days before the journey. Round trip tickets are valid for all three routes to and from Moscow airports (one trip to the airport and one trip to the rail terminal).

Business-class tickets

When purchasing business class tickets, please specify the direction, date, and train service time. Agree to the E Ticketing Terms and Conditions and proceed to Select Payment Method. You can purchase Aeroexpress business-class tickets in advance on the company’s website 90 days before the journey.


Step 2. Receiving tickets

Please specify your valid email address and your mobile phone number, to which a message with the link to your e ticket (itinerary receipt) will be sent. You must provide a phone number and email. A link to your paid ticket will be sent to your email and mobile telephone.

Please note that passengers are liable for the accuracy of mobile phone numbers and email addresses they provide, and are also liable for providing ticket data to third parties.

Step 3. Personal data

Fill in the passenger’s personal data (full name and identity document number). An individual’s full name and identity document details must be provided in compliance with Paragraph 3.4, Order No. 322 ‘On Defining Railway e-Ticket Forms’, issued by the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport on 21 August 2012 anв Paragraph 78.2, Conditions of Rail Carriage for Passengers, Baggage, and Cargo Luggage, approved by Order No. 473, issued by the Russian Ministry of Transport on 19 December 2013.

The following documents can be used as identity documents:

• Russian passport

• ID (for foreign citizens)

• Foreign passport (for foreign citizens)

• Military card number or seafarer's ID

• Birth certificate (for children)

• Temporary ID of a Russian citizen (Form 2P)

• Diplomatic passport

If you purchase a ticket for a third person, you need to specify his/her full name and identity document number).

For passengers’ convenience, you can use the registration service directly on the Aeroexpress website. To do so, please fill in the form and confirm your contact details. Use your valid email. In the case that you need to recover your password, you will receive an email with new login information. If you are registered on the website, you should be able to view your payment history, print your paid tickets again, and save data from your identity documents, which can be further used to purchase tickets, join the Aeroexpress bonus programme, and change ticket parameters.

Step 4. Paying for the order

Pay for your ticket using the selected payment system.

Step 5. Completing the order

To view your ticket, open the email you received or use the link sent to your mobile phone number. You need to print the ticket you received by email.

To pass through the turnstile with the ticket you received on your mobile phone, please put the screen of your mobile phone onto the reader with the ticket’s QR code facedown.

User agreement

The obligation to pay for the electronic ticket is considered to have been fulfilled after the client has received a notification that the payment was successful from the corresponding payment system.

Aeroexpress’ obligation to supply you with electronic tickets shall be considered to have been performed after a link to the itinerary receipt has been sent to your email and/or an SMS with a link to the itinerary receipt has been sent to your phone number. A copy of the sent message, containing the link to the itinerary receipt saved by Aeroexpress, serves as sufficient evidence that this message has been sent.

Bank card payment

Payments are made via the RURU payment system. Aeroexpress tickets can be paid for by Visa and/or Master card bank card.

The following fields should be filled in when you select to pay by bank card:

  • Card number;
  • Card validity;
  • Card holder’s name;
  • CVV/CVC.

The transaction failure may be due to the following reasons:

  • The buyer’s issuing bank does not support the applied payment processing technology;
  • The card balance is insufficient to pay for the ticket;
  • The buyer’s issuing bank prohibits online payments;

If the payment was successfully completed but you received no subsequent access to the paid ticket, please contact the Aeroexpress Customer Support Service via its hotline at +7 (800) 700-3377.

Holders of international MasterCard, Visa, MIR and Union Pay cards that support contactless PayPass or PayWave or QuickPass technologies can pay for Aeroexpress services directly at the turnstiles.

To pay your fare and pass through the turnstile, you only need to place your MasterCard PayPass or Visa PayWave card on the reader located at the top of the turnstile and marked with a yellow circle. Funds in the amount equal to the price of a one-way journey will be automatically withdrawn from your account.

To successfully complete the contactless payment, you need to have a valid MasterCard PayPass or Visa PayWavebank card and a sufficient balance on the card account (at least the price of one ticket).

Aeroexpress turnstiles accept payment using VISA, MasterCard, MIR, Union Pay bank cards supporting contactless payment technologies (Paywave for Visa, and PayPass for MasterCard, QuickPass for Union Pay).

These cards are identified by the inscription ‘PayWave’ or ‘PayPass’ or ‘QuickPass’ respectively.

1. The bank card, with contactless payment technology, must support cryptographic CDA verification (you can verify this information with your issuing bank).

2.The bank card, with contactless payment technology, must support a payment limit that DOES NOT REQUIRE A PIN ENTRY to carry out a payment for an amount equal to or more than an Aeroexpress standard class fare (you can verify this information with your issuing bank).

If your card does not support cryptographic CDA verification and/or payment transactions using contactless technology without requiring PIN ENTRY, you will not be able to carry out a payment transaction at the turnstile.

To avoid any issues with the payment at the turnstiles when you are at the airport, it is recommended that you check the outstanding balance on the card you plan to pay with in advance.

Electronic ticket



Electronic ticket validity:

  • Standard class tickets are valid on the date of the train’s departure indicated on the ticket.
  • Business class tickets are valid only for the train specified on the electronic ticket.
  • Round-trip tickets remain valid during 30 days of the date specified on the e-ticket on all three routes to and from the Moscow airports.

When selecting the type of itinerary receipt for mobile devices, please make sure that it is displayed correctly on your phone:

  • Make sure the GPRS data transmission service is activated and configured;
  • Follow the link in the SMS with the payment result.

The opened page must display the electronic ticket with the barcode. Electronic tickets received on mobile phones shall not be printed out. In the case that the barcode is not displayed, please contact the Customer Support Service via the hotline at +7 (800) 700-3377. For passengers’ convenience, purchased tickets can be sent to you by email or another mobile phone number. Tickets without barcodes will not be checked.

In order to pass through the turnstiles, place the ticket’s QR-code face down on the reader.

User account

You can register on our website by filling in all relevant fields in the form. The user account enables you to:

  • View your payment history;
  • Print electronic tickets;
  • Edit registration data.

You may recover a forgotten password by filling in the corresponding form in your account.

To get access to the trip parameters, passengers registered via the app need to go to the company’s website and log in to the user account by entering his/her login and password valid for the app.

Regeneration of the electronic ticket

Electronic tickets may be recovered as follows:

  • In a user’s account registered on the website;
  • Through the hotline at +7 (800) 700-3377.

Electronic ticket refund

Purchased electronic tickets are not subject to refund.

A passenger can be given a full refund on his/her ticket, if Aeroexpress trains have not travelled for more than one hour, due to an unscheduled maintenance break. In all other cases, no refunds shall be made for single tickets that have not been used (in accordance with the Conditions of Rail Carriage for Passengers and Cargo, Baggage, and Cargo Luggage, Transported for Personal, Family and Other Needs Not of a Business Character’, approved by Order No.111, issued by the government of the Russian Federation on 2 March 2005). Refunds on railcards that have not been used are made only in cases and in the order set out in the Conditions of Carriage for Passengers, Baggage, and Cargo Luggage on Federal Trains, approved by Order No.30, issued by the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation on 26 July 2002.

Electronic ticket change

When purchasing an e-ticket, ticket parameters may be changed only once. Please note that these changes may be done in the User Account on the Aeroexpress website only after you have previously registered on/logged into the website. If you have not registered on/logged into the Aeroexpress website, you may change e-ticket parameters via our Hotline at +7-800-700-33-77.

It is only possible to change the parameters for standard and round-trip fares before the expiry date shown on the ticket. In the case that the ticket has been purchased on the departure date, e-ticket details may only be changed on that particular day. Business class e-ticket details may be changed not later than 30 minutes before the departure time indicated on the ticket. Up to ten tickets, at the same fare, may be bought simultaneously. If the trip parameters have been changed, updated information will be applied to all tickets in one order.

Consent to receive SMS and other messages

By accepting the Rules for Purchasing Electronic Tickets, you agree to receive Aeroexpress information on paid electronic tickets and information messages sent according to the specified contact information (i.e. your mobile phone number and email address). The Aeroexpress company ensures personal data protection in accordance with Russian Federation legislation.

Inquiries and claims

To receive reference information about purchasing and using electronic tickets for Aeroexpress trains, please contact our hotline at +7 (800) 700-3377 free of charge (within Russia only).

Claims addressed to Aeroexpress regarding the electronic ticket exchange or payment refunds shall be considered in compliance with the Conditions of Carriage only in the case that you indicated the email address you used when purchasing an electronic ticket.

Only claims made in writing are accepted at info in a manner specified by Aeroexpress not later than 15 days after the electronic ticket has expired. All claims are considered within 30 days of the date when Aeroexpress received the claim. Aeroexpress reserves the right to decide whether or not to consider your claim in the case that the requirement to indicate an email address was violated.


Aeroexpress is not a communications operator and does not provide communications services to third parties. Therefore, Aeroexpress cannot guarantee a stable internet connection or a high-speed Wi-Fi connection and data transfer aboard the company's trains along its travel routes.