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Program rules «Aeroexpress Bonus»

1. Introduction

1.1. These rules of «Aeroexpress Bonus» Program (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) constitute a public offer, and govern the general terms and functioning principles of «Aeroexpress Bonus» Loyalty Program (hereinafter referred to as the Program).

1.2. These Rules cover all Program Participants. Participating in the Program means that the Participant has familiarized and agreed with all terms and conditions of these Rules.

1.3. These Rules constitute a public offer in accordance to Clause 2, Article 437 of Civil Code of the Russian Federation, and shall be located at Program Operator website.

1.4. In accordance to sub-Clause 3.1.7 of these Rules, personal information of Program Participants is stored, processed, and utilized for the purposes of Program functioning, and can be utilized by Program Operator to conduct advertising and marketing activities, and also to send informational messages about the Program, in case Program Participant agrees to receive such messages.

1.5. The scope of the Program may be widened by attracting Partners, such as: airlines, hotels, etc., of which the Program Participants will be duly informed.

1.6. Program points are virtual conditional accounting unit in the Program. In the framework of Program, its Participants shall accrue points for purchases of travel tickets and for other operations (actions), and points accrued shall be used for purchasing travel tickets at special prices. In the framework of Program, customer activities before joining the Program, and equally activities in the period between the date of withdrawal from the Program, and the date of restitution in the Program, shall not be considered.

1.7. Information on the amount of points, together with points scoring conditions, shall be available in User Account of Program Participant on the website of Program Operator.

1.8. AEROEXPRESS reserves the right to introduce changes and additions to the present Rules on a unilateral basis and at any time. In case of changing these Rules, AEROEXPRESS undertakes to notify the Participants about this event through publishing the revised electronic version of Rules on AEROEXPRESS website.

1.9. The duration of the Program is not limited. AEROEXPRESS reserves the right to cancel or change the whole Program, or part thereof, at any time, both upon prior notice, and without it. Such changes shall become effective upon posting of corresponding information on Program Operator website. In case the Program is cancelled, all points accrued by Program Participants may be revoked. AEROEXPRESS shall not be held responsible for any losses arising as a result of changes to Program or cancellation thereof. In the case of Program cancellation, Premium tickets booked shall be available for use within their period of validity.

1.10. The updated terms and conditions of the Program are described in these Rules.

1.11. AEROEXPRESS reserves the right to introduce changes in Program Rules individually for specific Participants, or groups thereof.

1.12. The Participants undertake to independently monitor changes and additions introduced to the Rules. Upon newly revised edition of Rules coming into effect, Participant’s behaviour aimed at scoring points shall be considered declaration of assent of such Participant with new edition of the Rules.

1.13. This Program cannot be considered a lottery.

1.14. In case of any disputes, the Russian version of these Program Rules shall prevail.

1.15. AEROEXPRESS reserves the right to examine User Accounts of Program Participants, including temporary suspension of User Account, together with partial or full restriction of various Transactions.

1.16. Acting in the framework of Program, AEROEXPRESS reserves the right not to send Program information materials to Participants, who are not active.

2. Terms and Definitions

These Rules use the following Terms and Definitions:

AEROEXPRESS is Limited Liability Company «Aeroexpress»;

Bonus Points (or Points) are conditional units accrued to User Account of Program Participant that can be used to receive a Premium ticket (service). Accrual and writing-off of points takes place upon undertaking certain actions by Participant. Points cannot be exchanged into monetary equivalent, or transferred, or sold to any other party;

Ticket is a document certifying conclusion of transport contract between Aeroexpress LLC and passenger, ticket for journey in trains of Aeroexpress LLC under one of the following tariffs: «Standard», «Business» or «Return»;

Website of Program Operator is informational resource of Program, which is located online at the following address:

Order is a ticket or several tickets paid for by the client at any one time. One order allows for selecting several tickets belonging to one tariff («Standard», «Return», «Business»). Maximum number of tickets per order is 10 (ten).

Program registration date is the date when Participant enters the Program through User Account by expressly agreeing to become a Program Participant in accordance to Program Rules;

Program Contact Center is a center that provides service to Program Participants on the phone and via the Internet;

User Account is personalized workspace of customer, the interface of which is located at Program Operator website, or in mobile telephone/Tablet PC application, allowing such customer to order/pay for services, and browse order history;

Login is account ID of Program Participant. Login is the email address of Program Participant given in the process of registration in the Program;

Mobile application is AEROEXPRESS app installed on mobile devices (smartphones and tablet PCs) of Participants;

Program operator executes management and support of Program Participants database, accounting points of Program Participants, interaction with Program Participants and partners, executes management of the Program, and its development. In the framework of these Rules, Aeroexpress LLC shall be Program operator;

Partner is a legal entity that has entered into marketing agreement with Aeroexpress LLC, according to which Program Participant scores points for using the services of such partner;

Passenger is a person holding a valid travel document (ticket), or electronic travel document (ticket);

User Account is an account of Program Participant containing personal data, and history of points accrual and writing (transactions);


Premium ticket (service) is travel document (ticket) of Aeroexpress LLC at special price that can be received by Participant on the conditions of Program in exchange to writing-off a certain number of points from User Account of Program Participant, in accordance to the terms and conditions of these Rules;

Program is “Aeroexpress Bonus” Loyalty Program, allowing its Participants to score points for ticket purchases, and use these points consequently to purchase Premium tickets (services) at special prices. It is a system of arrangements, under which a Program Participant, who travels on the trains of Aeroexpress LLC and purchases partner products or services, acquires a right to receive a Premium ticket (service);

Transaction is an operation of points accrual or writing-off, which is displayed in User Account of Program Participant;

Program Participant is an individual over 14 years of age, who has provided a consent for Program participation through filling-in a registration form at Program Operator website, or via any other method provided by the Program;

Feedback form is an interactive form of communication between Program Participant and Program Operator, which is executed via Program Operator website;

3. Program Participation

3.1. General Provisions

3.1.1. Program participation is free of charge.

3.1.2. Program participation has individual nature. Any individual with at least 14 years of age can become a Program Participant.

3.1.3. In order to take part in the Program it is necessary to register in Program Operator website through User Account.

3.1.4. By entering into the Program, a Participant agrees to transfer and processing of his/her personal data by AEROEXPRESS, permits AEROEXPRESS to use automated and/or non-automated methods to process: receive, gather, organize, accumulate, store, specify (update, modify), utilize and otherwise process (also electronically) personal data, given in the process of registration to take part in “Aeroexpress Bonus” Program. When entering the Program, the Participant also agrees that if necessary, and only for above-mentioned purposes, AEROEXPRESS shall have the right to hand over personal data to Komfortel CJSC, and also to a third party attracted to delivering services for above-mentioned purposes, pursuant to the requirements of legislation of Russian Federation on working with personal data.

Program Operator considers this consent received from Program Participant on his/her date of registration in the Program. This consent may be revoked by Program Participant at any time through sending a written notice, as stipulated in Clause 3.1.8 hereto. Program Operator executes processing of personal data of Program Participant pursuant to Article 6 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ dated July 27, 2006 «On Personal Data».

3.1.5. Processing of personal data of Program Participant under these Rules shall mean any actions (operations) with personal data, including gathering, organization, accumulation, storing, specification (updating, modifying), utilizing, transmitting (distributing, providing, accessing), depersonalization, blocking, and destroying personal data.

3.1.6. Program Participant agrees to transfer of his/her personal data provided at registration, to partners and any third parties contracting with such partners (upon trans-border transfer of personal data in accordance to Article 12 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ dated July 27, 2006 «On Personal Data»), in case this transfer is necessary to achieve benefits for such Participant in the framework of his/her participation in the Program, under the condition that such transfer and following processing of personal data by this third-party shall be executed in accordance to effective legislation of the Russian Federation.

3.1.7. According to Article 5, Clause 7 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ dated July 27, 2006 «On Personal Data», period of holding personal data of Program Participants does not exceed the timeframes necessary for achieving the goal of their processing.

3.1.8. Procedure of deleting personal data is pursuant to Article 21, Clause 5 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ dated July 27, 2006 «On Personal Data»: deleting personal data is executed based on a written request of Program Participant addressed To Program operator. This request to delete personal data is filed in free form and must contain the following information: Login of Program Participant, last name, name and patronymic (if applicable), details of personal identification document, and phone number that was registered (confirmed) in the Program. This request is directed to Aeroexpress LLC through Feedback form. Program Operator deletes personal data within 30 days, starting from the date of receiving this request. Upon attaining results of request processing, Program Operator sends a notification to Program Participant e-mail (Login) to confirm discontinued processing of personal data and its deletion from internal database of the Program.

3.1.9. In case Program Participant for any reason decides to utilize the telephone number registered in his/her User Account for binding with another User Account (with another Login), his/her participation in the Program under the primary Login is automatically cancelled starting from the date of verification (confirmation) of binding this phone number to a different User Account. All points accrued under that primary Login up to this date shall be automatically cancelled, and shall not be subject to restitution.

3.2. Registration in the Program

3.2.1. In order to take part in the Program it is necessary to:

  • Register a User Account
  • Put a «tick» in the corresponding box to authorize becoming a Program Participant (in User Account)
  • Fill in the following fields:
  • Form of address;
  • Gender;
  • Date of Birth (obligatory field);
  • Number of flights per annum;
  • City of residence.


3.2.2. At registration, Program Participant provides his/her e-mail address and mobile telephone number for receiving information sent by Program Operator.

3.2.3. In the process of registration, Participant may give his/her consent to receive informational mailings about the Program, and advertising and marketing materials, by putting a «tick» in a corresponding field.

3.2.4. The starting date of Program participation shall be of the date of registration in the Program through User Account.

3.3. User Account of Program Participant

3.3.1. Program Participant can have only one User Account. To access this User Account, Program Participant needs to provide Login and password.

3.3.2. User Account and accrued points cannot be joined with User Account and points of other Program Participant, or Participants of other loyalty Programs. User Account and accrued points thereto are not subject to alienation to any third parties in any possible way.

3.3.3. Program Participant undertakes to execute all necessary precautions to eliminate a possibility for unauthorized use of his/her User Account, including but not limiting to ensuring integrity of their Login and password to enter the User Account, and lack of their exposure to any third parties.

3.3.4. Upon any suspicion of unauthorized use of User Account, a corresponding Program Participant undertakes to immediately notify Program operator of this event either through the Feedback form, or using Program Contact Center.

3.3.5. Information of User Account status is available in real time in User Account of Program Participant, taken into account that points are accrued in accordance to Clause 4.1, and is available online at the following address:

3.3.6. Program operator shall not be held liable for non-availability of information about the status of User Account of Program Participant, in case of technical failure, the elimination of which is not related directly to Program operator.

3.3.7. In case of non-use of points accrued in User Account of Program Participant within 365 calendar days, Program operator shall cancel the accrued but unused points at a corresponding date.

3.3.8. Participant reserves the right to stop his/her participation in the Program at any convenient time at his/her sole discretion. In case such Participant wishes to reinstate his/her registration in the Program through User Account, Program operator shall reinstate User Account of such Participant under the same Login, and shall accrue to this User Account the same number of points, which was available at this User Account at the moment such Participant stopped participating in the Program.

3.3.9. In case such Participant deletes his/her User Account after having left the Program, and tries to register a new User Account in the Program under the same Login (e-mail address), then Program operator shall not reinstate the previous User Account of such Participant, and previously accrued points shall be cancelled as of date of deletion of such User Account.

3.4. Leaving the Program

3.4.1. Leaving the Program is executed through unchecking the box confirming user participation in the Program (in User Account).

4. Scoring Points

4.1. Points accrual is conducted automatically within 24 hours since the date of ticket(s) purchase.

4.1.1. Points shall be accrued only for tickets purchased in User Account at Program operator website and/or through mobile application.

4.1.2. Program Participant shall accrue points for tickets purchased as prices set by AEROEXPRESS for a corresponding tariff at the date of transaction.

4.1.3. Points for journeys paid by Program Participant shall be accrued automatically within 24 hours since the date of ticket(s) purchase, on the condition of observing Clause 4.1.2 of Rules hereto.

4.1.4. Scoring points is organized in the following fashion:

  • Standard tariff (1 ticket) equals 50 points;
  • Business tariff (1 ticket) equals 100 points;
  • Return tariff (1 ticket) equals 100 points;

4.1.5. Program operator reserves the right to accrue to Program Participant additional points, which are not stipulated in Clause 4.1.4 of these Rules, in accordance to the conditions of special promotions.

4.1.6. Program Participant undertakes to independently check his/her account status, number of points accrued, spent, and written-off at Program operator website and/or through mobile application in section «Bonus Account» of User Account. Provided the absence of User Account information about any tickets purchased through such User Account, Participant may request to reinstate the unaccounted bonus points, using the Feedback form. Requests to reinstate unaccounted bonus points for journeys in AEROEXPRESS trains shall be receivable for processing within 6 (six) months since the date of ticket purchase.

4.1.7. In order to accrue bonus points unaccounted due to technical issues, Program Participant needs to use the Feedback form, choosing category «Aeroexpress Bonus» Program», and attaching documentation for every journey: original or copy of ticket (or screenshot of ticket).

4.1.8. The validity period of points on the User Account of Program Participant shall be fixed at 12 months (365 days), starting from the date of their accrual to the Participant.

5. Rules for writing-off points to purchase special price tickets

5.1. Participant has the right to use Bonus points to purchase Premium tickets at a special price exclusively at AEROEXPRESS website and in AEROEXPRESS mobile application.

5.2. Participant has the right to use points to purchase Premium tickets at a special price on the condition of authorization in User Account prior to choosing and purchasing the ticket.

5.3. When purchasing tickets belonging to «Return» tariff, using Program points is not allowed.

5.4. In case a Participant is authorized, and has accumulated a relevant number of Program points, she/he will be offered a special price ticket in accordance to chosen ticket parameters, and Program conditions. At that, the order may contain tickets sold at special and standard tariffs.

5.5. Types of special prices for travel tickets of correspondent tariffs, together with numbers of points written-off in relation to their purchase, are given below (quantitative data when purchasing one travel ticket):

Ticket Tariff Number of points for every ticket purchased Special price, including VAT, RUR
Business 400 500
Business 900 1
Standard 200 210
Standard 450 1

5.6. In order to purchase Premium ticket(s) at special price, Program Participant must select the option «Use Bonus points for payment» before clicking the button «Go to Payment».

5.7. Participant reserves the right to refuse purchasing Premium ticket(s) at special price. To do this, such Participant shall not select the option «Use Bonus points for payment» before clicking the button «Go to Payment».

5.8. The orders containing special price tickets are not subject to change.

5.9 Purchased Premium ticket is an electronic ticket and is not subject to return.

As per order of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No.473 dated December 19, 2013 «On Approval of Rules for Transportation of Passengers, Luggage, and Cargo Luggage by Railroad Transport» (registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation with No.33244 on July 24, 2014) clause 98, unused passenger ticket for single journey on suburban train without indication of specific seat is not subject to refund, with the exception of cases of unplanned suspension of such train service for a period longer than one hour. Unused passenger ticket for single journey on suburban train without indication of specific seat is subject to refund only in case of unplanned suspension of such train service at the station of origin for passenger.

5.10 Parameters of Premium ticket purchased at Program Operator website, or inside AEROEXPRESS mobile application, are not subject to change.

5.11. It is prohibited to sell, illegally purchase and exchange bonus tickets, as well as to put them up for auction, which is considered as improper use of received bonus tickets/accrued bonus points (hereinafter referred to as the Commercial Use). Aeroexpress is entitled to make its own conclusions regarding the Commercial Use of tickets based on any available information, including printed, online and mass media sources, claims and complaints from passengers, information obtained from third parties, and data of company's own internal investigations.

5.12. If a bonus ticket fails to be issued, bonus points are blocked but not withdrawn. They can be used for payment in 20 minutes through a user account.

6. Changing personal and contact information of Program Participant

6.1. Program Participant shall be responsible for timely notification of Program operator about changes of his/her personal and contact details.

6.2. Changing personal details (date of birth) can be executed only by Program Operator, upon receipt of request from Program Participant through Feedback form, with attachment of scanned (photo) personal identification document (passport, drivers license), and indication of Login and telephone number.

6.3. Program Participants can change contact details (mobile telephone number and e-mail address for correspondence) independently via their User Accounts.

7. Legal responsibilities of the Parties

7.1. Program Participant undertakes to follow the Rules and conditions of the Program, together with timeframes stipulated by the Program.

7.2. The commencement date of these Rules shall be the date of their publication on Program Operator website.

7.3. Any disputes arising in the process of Program implementation shall be considered in Moscow, Russian Federation.

7.4. Any issues related to Program participation and not stipulated under these Rules, shall be solved under the complaint procedure, and are governed by effective legislation of the Russian Federation.

7.5. In case of breach by any Program Participant of Rules and conditions of Program participation, and also of railway transport safety regulations, AEROEXPRESS reserves the right to block the User Account of related Program Participant for any length of time, cancel all points accrued, and terminate the User Account of Program Participant. In case of termination of User Account, any further participation or repeated registration in the Program is not allowed.

7.6. In the case of the Commercial Use of bonus tickets, Aeroexpress reserves its right to block the account of the Programme's member for any period of time, cancel all the bonus points, and invalidate the member's account. If the account was invalidated, it is prohibited to participate and register for the Programme again.

7.7. AEROEXPRESS shall not be held liable for non-availability of information about status of User Account of Program Participant, due to unavailability of Program Operator website in case of technical failure, the elimination of which is not related directly to AEROEXPRESS.

7.8. Any claims in respect of refunds and return of bonuses used to pay for a bonus ticket shall be considered in the cases outlined in the Rules of Carriage and only if you provide your login used to purchase the ticket. The fare used to make a refund on the bonus ticket and restore the corresponding bonus points on the member's account is equal to the bonus ticket price as of the date of purchase. Claims can be submitted using a Feedback form. All claims are reviewed within 30 days of the date of receipt.

The claim can only be accepted for the consideration if the member describes the situation and provides the following: a login for the Programme, surname, name, and patronymic (if any), telephone number that was registered for the Programme, a copy or screenshot of the bonus ticket, and full bank details that should be used to make a refund.

7.9. As part of the Programme, Aeroexpress reserves its right to refuse to accrue or cancel bonuses if the member does not have the required documents.

7.10. Aeroexpress reserves the right to perform internal investigations regarding the improper use and Commercial Use of tickets based on its own data, passengers' complaints, information from third parties, mass media, Internet (including blogs, forums, etc.).

8. Contacts

Aeroexpress LLC website:

Hotline phone number 8-800-700-33-77. Calls from any region of Russia are free. Program-related consultations shall be available from 9 AM to 9 PM, Moscow time.

Please use our Feedback form to convey your complaints, suggestions, and feedback, under category «Aeroexpress Bonus Program».